Sidewalk Style: Beyonce Knowles In Isabel Marant

I’ve really enjoyed the many looks Beyonce Knowles has given us during her stay in Paris.

The Marc Jacobs look still remains my favourite.

On their last day in the city, Jay-Z and Bey took a stroll through the streets of Paris.

It’s not like them to show so much affection is public, so I guess they got caught up in the romance of the city.

The singer wore khaki shorts, with a matching top and a denim shirt.

A salmon coloured Isabel Marant Keni leather biker jacket, sunglasses and Christian Louboutin ‘Lady Daf’ ankle strap pumps completed her look.

Save this pumps, this is an effortless ‘strolling through the streets of Paris’ look.

Credit: & Fame Pictures

16 thoughts on “Sidewalk Style: Beyonce Knowles In Isabel Marant

  1. LizLemooooon

    YASSSSSSSSSS! Thanks for keeping us updated on girlfriend’s fashion choices during her Paris trip. I love her ‘I’m in France weave’ and I love the fact that she is not restrained fashionwise, she’s just all out glamour all day long.
    Queen Bey is back! Can’t wait to see what she wears in the music vid.

    1. Fiona

      No, you are not! Those pumps definitely stretch the boundary of taste. How can she possibly walk in those beyond from the car to a restaurant? I haven’t liked them when anyone wears them, can’t wait for new style to come in.

      1. Terry

        I guess these shoes (and their twins, the Daffodile) have definitely marked the passage of stripper heels in mainstream. I hate them with all my heart ;)

  2. Priscila

    “It’s not like them to show so much affection is public, so I guess they got caught up in the romance of the city.” She is promoting an album…

    She looks great. I love the glasses.

  3. Chris

    Although I don’t find Beyonce a very stylish woman I do enjoy looking at her outfits. Even when the outfit is a tragedy, the individual pieces are always great.

    This is one of the few times I like her outfit, she looks casual but still glam.

    She needs to do something about that fried and dyed weave she’s been wearing. It looks a mess.

  4. dee

    I like bits and pieces of her outfit. I like the jacket but not with the shorts. i don’t like the shorts. I don’t like the shoes with these look although I like the shoes. I don’t like the hair or glasses.

  5. rafaela

    Looove the jacket, so cute.
    They’ve been together for 10 years, she doesn’t need to use her man to promote a album.
    Come on.

  6. Lisette

    I am convinced Beyonce cannot feel her feet. I understand that whole ‘beauty is pain’ thing, but to go to Disneyland in stiletto boots, and then to stroll concrete in sky high Loubs?

    Skyscraper heels must be like sneakers to her. More power to her, cause I could not do it! LOL!

    1. Jennie

      i’m a bit exasperated too at the mega heels… but maybe you are right, she’s been performing on stage in those heels for years and years and years… since she was 16… and now it’s like sneakers to her. this is my only explanation, lol~

  7. Matt

    I really can’t get myself like Beyonce’s style. Wait, does she even have a style or is just a collision of designer clothing since she can afford them.

  8. mikeijames

    the fashion junkie in me wishes she’d move to paris permanently….she dresses SO MUCH BETTER when she’s over there. it’s like an editorial EVERY DAY.


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