Coachella Music Festival Fashion – Day 3

On the final day of the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA Dita von Teese looked divine wearing a Hawaiian tropical Christian Dior Spring 2011 dress.

On Day one of the festival I said that I wished she’d let her hair down at this event, but I take that back.

She’s stayed true to her style and looked effortless in doing so, unlike some others who tried too hard during the 3 day festival.

A cute sailor hat and Christian Louboutin espadrilles completed her look.

Vanessa Hudgens: The actress opted to go bare foot on the final day wearing a cropped crochet top, Wildfox Heather high waist shorts, a fringed bag and a Litter SF garter chain. Whilst I love how she accessorized, the garter was just one step too far.

Isabel Lucas: The Australian actress also went bare foot and continues to optimize the true spirit of festival dressing.  She layered her peachy dress under a crochet top

Nicole Richie:Winter Kate by Nicole Richie Lily top was paired with denim short shorts, a navy top and her green Mulberry satchel. Her shades make this look super chic.

Whitney Port: The reality TV star layers a vest top over a tube top with a cute floral skirt to complete the look.

Diane Kruger: A simple candy striped dress is paired with Alaia sandals.

Ashley Greene: Once again I’m not excited about Ashley’s look.

Credit:, Fame Pictures, INFDaily & Wenn

22 thoughts on “Coachella Music Festival Fashion – Day 3

  1. robbie

    oh dita i love you, but that hat is ridiculous! also does she not have another pair of shoes to wear.

    vanessa looks good, but the rest are a tad blah.

  2. nicky

    vanessa once again is trying to hard with the over the top accessorizing…
    love isabel and diane’s looks once again. very true to their own style.

    1. B

      I literally cannot stand Vanessa’s shorts. Acid-wash-camel-toe was never going to going to be a winner.

  3. mochababe73

    I like Vanessa’s look, but I think that she stole my acid washed jeans from middle school and made them into cut-offs. Those were my favorite jeans!
    Love Diane’s dress, but it’s a tad too short for my taste.
    Isabel looks like a 1960s flower child. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

  4. Louisa

    I think I must be the only person who does not like music festival fashion one bit!

    I feel that the indie/bohemian/hotch potch style comes across as sloppy. I don’t know how Indie fashion has become the new mainstream.

    And talk about a paradox: so many women look like they have been trying way too hard to appear effortlessly casual. I also hate bare feet OR even worse – masculine, stumpy, unflattering ankle boots.

    Nevertheless, I’ve been finding the coverage really interesting FC :)

    Sorry for the grouch! But is it just me?????

    1. Hannah

      Literally agree with everything you just said. I think boho chic once did exist and while i do nt want scarily perfect looks all the time, the effort that so clearly goes into a look just to portray the opposite is beyond me.

  5. Macy

    I’m sorry, but I can’t sign-off on barefoot in public unless you’re at a beach or pool. I agree- the garter was a step too far for Vanessa!

  6. Hannah

    Whilst Vanessa shows she tries too hard, and Ashley greene shows what I have always thought – that she has a very bland sense of style, the rest seem good. I think all of the others are dressing as they toehrwise would, especially Whitney who has no hint whatsoever of try hard, and while i do not love her look, I really appreciate it as being something she genuinely chose to wear.

  7. Amy

    I love Diane’s look, but that dress is definitely too short!
    With a few more inches on there, she’d look perfect.

  8. justme

    It’s way too obvious Vanessa hired stylists for Coachella this year. They should be ashamed of themselves because she looked a over-the-top mess during all the festival.

  9. Tamia

    FC-I’m not hating here but could you imagine wearin g Dior to a music festival?Dita looks increbile but imagine how parinoid you’d be of people bumping into you and spilling food/drink over you..don’t think I’d able to let loose!lol

  10. Teleholic

    Ooopsie! I thought Ashley was Kristen Stewart! Just the expression on her face, I guess. FC, thanks for the coverage. This kind of cool, laid-back, casual event is just my scene.


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