Coachella Music Festival Fashion – Day 1

The Coachella Music Festival kicked off yesterday in Indio, CA.

Stars enjoyed the sunshine, free-flowing beer and summertime jams whilst wearing chic festival garbs.

Some got it right, whilst others got it wrong.

Vanessa Hudgens: She got it so so right. I think she’s a hippie/boho chick at heart. She wore a Wkshp Sioux Falls tank with Novella Royale bell bottom pants. Accessories are key to festival dressing; they can really make a look. Vanessa added a floppy hat, Katie Costell Jensen necklace and Natalie B. Jewelry ring. She kept up her love for feather earrings.

Alessandra Ambrosio: She also got into the festival spirit by adding bohemian accessories to her Rebecca Taylor Sunflower cami dress. The model opted for slouchy boots instead of sandals or flip flops.

Nicky Hilton: The heiress brought some Parisian chic to the festival by wearing an Isabel Marant strapless mini dress with a flounced hemline. An oversized fringed bag, aviator shades, colourful bracelets and sandals completed her look.

Jamie Chung: The “Sucker Punch” actress teams a printed crop top with loose floral pants by Jenny Han. I’m not a fan of heavy Shellys boots, but somehow they work with her look. A Hobo International bucket bag and sunnies completed her look.

Dita von Teese: Whilst her summery Moschino Cheap and Chic Spring 2011 dress is perfect for Coachella, I would’ve loved to see her really let her hair down, both metaphorically and literally. Espadrilles, embellished sunglasses and a Mulberry Lily shoulder bag with a miniature version attached completed her look.

Whitney Port: The reality TV star is in her element. Every day is a music festival for Whitney. On this occasion I don’t like the shoes. I love her white dress and striped Kate Spade bag combo, but the boots are so heavy for a sunny day in Indio with a white dress.

Ashley Greene: The Twilight actress has all the right elements for festival dressing, but it all feels a bit grubby. There is nothing chic about this look.

Tara Reid: Uggs??? To a music festival??? REALLY???

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30 thoughts on “Coachella Music Festival Fashion – Day 1

  1. Thomas Monks

    Dita dress is Moschino Cheap & Chic spring 2011 and I agree some pink Keds and loose hair would have been amazing. Jamie Chung and Ashley Greene are my two favorite looks from this day

  2. Tahj

    Seems like everyone, especially Vannessa are trying too hard to come off as rock and roll boho chicks. You’re not Kate Moss. And Kate Moss was ripping off the late 60s. Just be yourself. Stop going with what you think is the idea of a Coachella outfit. lol. Vanessa, we know you’re a Disney chick playing dress up.

    1. justme

      I kinda agree to be honest. They don’t dress like that the rest of the year but when Coachella happens, it’s salvation army extraordinaire!
      At least, even though I don’t like it, Dita kept it true to her style.

    2. jK

      I actually disagree here. People dress according to the weather and the theme of the festival. When i go to the LoveFest in San Francisco, I wear tie-dyed tee. Not my style. Not like i would wear it any other time. But it’s an excuse to have fun and dress up.

      1. Fashion Critic Post author

        I agree. I’ve been to a festival only once and I got into the festival spirit of dressing to

        A. Fit in and
        B. Have to excuse to have fun with a different style of dressing

  3. Shaina

    Alessandra is my favorite! She looks absolutely amazing.

    And Uggs are just not my thing. I will never like them, ever.

  4. justme

    Vanessa’s outfit is very unflattering. And while I’m all for getting in the spirit of a festival, she just looks like a caricature of someone who was at Woodstock.

    My favorites are Jamie and (I could slap myself for this) Nicky Hilton.

    1. Sonia

      I agree, Vanessa’s outfit makes her look very bottom-heavy and those pants look like pajama pants. I also agree that she looks like a caricature of what she thinks is a “music concert go-er” and she seems really poser-ish considering she doesn’t dress like this ever except for this day.

  5. Alfie

    Alessandra looks AMAZING! Nicki looks nice as well, I like her choice.

    I wish you would have covered Alessandra in her white/blue Pucci dress, she nailed it, from hair, shoes, make up, it was perfect! She also killed it last year at the MET Gala in that pink Versace.

  6. mochababe73

    The only ones that I like are Dita and Nicky. Whitney is pretty cute, too.
    What was Tara thinking with the Uggs? Ever hear of Hunter Boots.
    Vanessa looked like she just rolled out of bed and stuck a floppy hat on her head.
    Ashley Greene looks like she’s going to the beach and not a music festival.
    None of the other women appeal to me as I don’t like the bohemian look.

  7. Emi

    Alessandra Ambrosio is always one of the best dressed at Coachella. I don’t like V. Hudgens’ pants, very ugly and W. Port’s hair are very very ridiculous…N. Hilton looks cute, too.

  8. Hannah

    Not a fan of Vanessa’s look, simply because of the slightyl awakward length of the top, and the trousers, she looks like someone you would see dressed int eh street and be instantly reminded of a bee gee. I do agree that her heart is with the boho look, like an early nicole richie, it jsut fits for her, I think she always looks a little off in gowns in comparison to boho looks.
    Generally speaking, I am really not a huge fan of festivals and especially thier fashions, it is completely the polar oposite of me adn how I personally dress, and whilst I do not disagree with them, they just don’t appeal to me. If I had to chose my favourite they would easily be Jamie and Alessandra, but I hold a lot of hoep out for Whitney aswell these coming days, since she fits that category very well.

  9. Alexandra

    im a music festival lover myself and i think most of them would get ridiculed because they’re trying wayyyyy to hard… festivals are about your true self and not posing and dressing up as someone else. the most poserish here is Vanessa so i hardly think she got it right… her everyday looks would be more suitable and natural.

    1. Alexandra

      oh and you should look at people at the background.. that’s more like real live music lovers look like.

  10. ShoeGal

    Vanessa looks like a damn fool. She has on more fake hair than clothes. She looks like she is wearing pajamas that if she moved the wrong way would drop to to her feet. She is totally trying WAY too hard. It’s a music festival NOT a costume party.

  11. nicky

    i agree that vanessa tries way too hard…her look feels forced. love alessandra and jamie’s look though, really effortless and gorgeous at the same time.

  12. sabrina

    I was thinking the same. Why must people dress a certain way when it comes to festivals? Very weird.

  13. robbie

    i am praying to god that vanessa hudgens has suddenly became coloyur blind because that outfit is so god damn UGLY!

    all i can say is thank god for dita! she is the only one that looks elegant although gotta hand it to whitney port she looks cute. tara on the other hand, junkie hooker comes to mind, UGG boots at a festival where there will no doubt be mud hmm.


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