Burberry Beijing Flagship Store Opening

Whilst Fan Bing Bing was having an off day, everyone else brought their A game to Burberry’s new flagship store opening last night.

Li Bing Bing: Her petal pink Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 dress was given an edge with sexy black sandals. The perfect equal mix of naughty and nice.

Shu Pei: The model wore the same Burberry Prorsum Twill leather trench coat we recently saw on Zara Phillips. She teamed her look with black leather pants and black ankle boots.

Wang Haizhen: The supermodel wore a Burberry Prorsum spiked trench from the Spring 2011 collection over a navy blue Burberry Resort 2011 dress. I think she took the spikes one step too far with the Louboutin’s.

These ladies all added a pop of colour to their looks.

Dong Jie: There were many colourful accents to the coats during the Burberry Spring 2011 presentation, and I’m glad Dong kept that theme going whilst wearing a Burberry Prorsum jersey military coat as a dress.

Lin Peng: The actress paired a Burberry Prorsum spiked jacket with a Resort 2011 skirt and a bubblegum pink clutch. I love her sandals.

Yan Ni: Here we get 2 pops of colour over beige via Yan’s patent leather clutch and patent leather belt.

Maggie Cheung: The legendary actress opted for a beige look with an orange shoulder bag. Minus the ankle boots – which shorten her legs – this was a great look.

Huang Xiao Meng: This watermelon dress doesn’t have any spikes or leather accents like the most of the looks at this event.

Danni Li: Studs made up the majority of Danni’s look.

Jourdan Dunn: Christopher Bailey never leaves town without his favourite British model. Jourdan looked divine wearing a copper mini dress. Those legs go on for days.

Cara Delevingne: The Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 campaign model opted for an edgier look, wearing a navy studded dress and ankle boots.

Credit: Burberry Tumblr & Sina

17 thoughts on “Burberry Beijing Flagship Store Opening

  1. mol

    Wow, they all are interesting to look at, right now Dong Jie stands out for me, but really, I like most of them quite alot!

  2. Jake

    By far the most stylish and on-trend store-opening event I’ve seen in recent past. Funny how, out of everyone, our usual style-maven Fan Bing Bing missed the mark.

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      Off day syle wise if you clicked on the link of her name, you will see the post I had done on her at this event

  3. Hannah

    Jourdan Dunn is easily my favourite. I am let down b this because I think many of the looks miss teh mark slightly or are too much or are slightly clumsy. I love the watermelon pink of Huang xiao meng’s dress, and lin peng’s bag, but my favourite aside from jourdan is Shu pei, she looks gorgeous.

  4. Thomas Monks

    I find it funny that the dress I posted as what I felt Fan should have worn to this event was actually worn my her sister OH THE IRONY!Pr

    1. nevareht

      Actually, Li Bing Bing and Fan Bing Bing aren’t sisters. The surname is first. Bing Bing is actually their first name. Kind of like Kiki being written as Ki Ki (although Bingbing would look weird).


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