Fan Bing Bing & Carina Lau In Valentino – Valentino Fall 2011 Hong Kong Show

Yesterday in Hong Kong, Valentino presented their Fall 2011 collection at The Landmark, Central.

Creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli made their debut appearance in Hong Kong at this much-anticipated fashion event which was attended by our favourite Asian stars.

Fan Bing Bing was of course at the show looking gorgeous – as always – wearing a Valentino Spring 2011 gown.

Her nude gown with a black sheer overlay is accented with black and white floral appliqués and polka dots.

The actress accessorized with a nude thin belt and a Valentino floral appliqué satin clutch.

I love her long wavy hair swept to one side and her red pout.

This will be the second time Fan Bing Bing has seen this Valentino Fall 2011 show, because she also saw it the first time around in Paris.

Carina Lau was also at the show.

She opted for a red Valentino ruffle gown which was also from the Spring 2011 collection.

This striking red ruffled gown has layers of silk-chiffon and satin. It perfectly encapsulates the label’s romantic aesthetic and was the stand-out look from the Spring 2011 collection.

Alexa Chung wore this same gown when she was presenting live at the Golden Globe Awards.

Credit: & Sina

19 thoughts on “Fan Bing Bing & Carina Lau In Valentino – Valentino Fall 2011 Hong Kong Show

  1. Iris

    am a huge FBB fan but am sorry, this is the way my neighbour dresses when she’s getting ready to go to bed. down to the hair.

    1. noo

      valentino just keeps getting cheaper and frumpier with every new collection, not even style icons can make these gowns look chic.

      1. Hannah

        I agree. I really find it very difficult to like Valentino, especially with how the firing of Alessandra FAccinetti went down, I was afraid I’d feel morally obliged to dislike it, but I am genuinely not a fan of these super repetitive recent Valentino collection. I am finding it difficult ot remember a tiem when I loved and adored Valentino.

        1. noo

          and it’s interesting because valentino said that they “dismissed” alessandra because she tried to recreate the brand! the current designers at valentino have no connection between these night gowns and actual valentino. it’s horrible what they did with the brand!

  2. Pati

    I love how Carina styled this look- so simple and chic. As to Fan Bing Bing- this is just disappointing. Not even close to her usual excellence … Really dislike the whole look- especially the side swept hair…

  3. Nikki

    It’s hard to pull off this dress – most women would probably end up granny-looking. But she knew how not to! She looks ethereal and youthful on the contrary. Just gorgeous!

  4. hezihao

    Fan bingbing is amazing as alway
    and her wave hair is so stunning

    i am look forward to seeing her gorgeous
    she might attend 2011 Cannes Film Festival with firm My Way

  5. KateS

    Count me in on team frumpy. Valentino were skewing really young for a while there, but I think they’ve gone too far in the other direction with this collection.

  6. Maddie

    Fan looks amazing, but her choice of hair and accesories really let her down here.
    I’m sure I have a dressing gown similar to Carina’s dress however..


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