Eva Longoria’s Wardrobe Malfunction On Letterman

As predicted, Eva Longoria’s Boca Negra suit didn’t work for her appearance on the “Late Show With David Letterman.”

During the show her shorts become even shorter once seated, so they looked like she’s wearing large panties.

She also wasn’t wearing a bra.

At some point during the interview one of her twins popped out to say, “Hello” to the TV host who could barely compose himself after being flashed on live television.

Eva, I hate to say I told you so.

In Jamie Chung's Closet - Giambattista Valli Draped Silk-Chiffon Strapless Gown

In Jamie Chung’s Closet – Giambattista Valli Draped Silk-Chiffon Strapless Gown

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In Jennifer Connelly’s Closet – Lanvin Pleated Washed-Satin Gown

  • AnaKay

    Tacky top-to-bottom.
    But I love that E pendant she’s wearing… how pretty is that! Wish my name started with an E! 😀

  • Rahel

    From the waiste up she looked amazing. Really beautiful (but she should have used tape).

    But wearing shorts? Nooo.

  • Nia

    She didn’t have to show both boobs and leg. It’s usually better when you just show one or the other, not both. She could have kept the top provocative and wore a more conservative bottom, or vice versa. And then to be like: “Oops, my boob just slipped out, tee hee,” just seemed terribly childish to me.

    I liked the shoes though.

    It’s a shame ‘cos she was there to promote her cookbook, but her ensemble just distracted from that terribly. Letterman could barely keep his eyes focused on the book!

  • She also says flare a few times when she clearly meant glare!

  • anne

    talk about second hand embarrasement. she acted like she knew from the beginning this was a bad choice, laughing so hard and moving around trying to compensate. oh well…

  • ~**juDee**~

    I think she’s an embarrassment. Plain and simple.

    • ~**juDee**~

      It’s as if she planned it somehow. Gosh her behaviour is pathetic and immature. She seems like the type of woman who believes you can halt ageing with minimal clothing. So pathetic

  • Nikki

    Tacky, tacky, tacky. Everything she does seem to lack class… And no, I don’t envy women who are in desperate need of attention.

  • If she wants to display her wares like that, she should tone down all the “I’m so great” talk.

    I never really had an opinion of Eva Longoria before this, but the interview did not endear me to her at all. Confidence is one thing, but have a little poise! “Okra!”

    Okay, I’m done snarking.

  • ShoeGal

    This look was very tacky and in poor taste. It looks like Eva trying to get old Dave to swoon over her while she grasps at her youth through slutty clothing. She came across very desperate in more ways than one in this interview.

  • DivaMom

    I guess she felt the need to sex it up for a late night talk show appearance. Dave’s a male so she set the stage to tittilate him (mission accomplished). She didn’t wear anything close to this while promoting the same book on “The View.”

  • Lucinda

    She looked so uncomfortable from the begining. I agree 100% its a dreadful outfit for an interview, especially one that is conducted SITTING DOWN! But hey, what publicity, we’re all talking about!

    • Rebecca

      Good point. But she has sexed up her presentation ever since she got divorced and I think it is sad. She is a lovely woman who used to dress in a very classy way that showed off her lovely figure without cheapening her. I hope she gets her groove back.

    • geisha

      she looked so uncomfortable! she could barely even sit down, perched as she was on the edge of one bum. she really shoulda worn pants.

  • Team Eva

    What’s all the fuss about?? There was actually nothing to be seen. Eva looks amazing in her outfit plus she has the body and attitude to pull it off.

    Seems there are many envious women out there…

    • Fashion Critic

      Envy has nothing to do with it. I really hate it when people say that women don’t like something because they envy that woman. That is such a childish immature statement.

      We are discussing the fact that her ensemble was impractical for a TV appearance and that is a fact.

      And Team Eva??? Really??? What is this 2001?

      • Team Eva

        Well, obviously my comment was more provocative than intended 😉 FC your criticism was rahter constructive but when I read some of the comments from other readers I just got the impression it’s not really about her outfit anymore but I may be wrong…
        Anyway keep going girls…

        and Team Eva was only a joke, don’t take it too serious 😉 Love your blog FC!

        • Fashion Critic

          Thanks for replying 🙂

    • artemis

      The regular readers of the blog applaud classy, chic beautiful appearances and ..thank you FC for the answer! I am speechless from that ridiculous comment!!

      • Fashion Critic

        It was ridiculous. Thanks Artemis x

    • justme

      Eva, is that you?

      • Fashion Critic

        LOL… 😀

        That made me laugh so hard

      • OMG… thats so funny ……

  • D

    at least she could have taped if she choose no bra………

  • The outfit was so OTT at her arrival for the show and then sitting down in this outfit with Letterman for the interview just took it to a whole new level of attention-grabbing

  • Hannah

    There are multiple nip slips. I said it would happen, but one has to wonder, why did she not think of wearing either : Adhesive tape, a bra, a top? Her hair looks amazing though!

  • wilwarin

    well i really never liked her… she always seems trying hard and artificial, and in this suit she looked overdone to me… and i must add that i find her laughter really obnoxious…

  • Luis

    So amateur, maybe a stripes with glue?!

  • guest

    that’s what i call a wedgie :>

  • artemis

    IoI !! I thought that my “tacky” comment was a little bit hard!… but it was definitely the best word to descripe the tv appearance 🙂

  • mm

    i know she couldnt wait to stand up after all that. that outfit is done!

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