In the illustrious words of Charlie Sheen, Taylor Swift is #WINNING. Not only does the 21-year old country music phenom win award after award after award, we have yet to see her have a bad hair day. Granted, she pretty much sticks with the same look (she has flirted with straight hair once or twice), but hey if it ain’t broke… Here’s how to sculpt beautiful bouncy ringlets like Swift’s:

Wrap large sections of your hair around the barrel of your curling iron, taking care to intertwine your strands in-between the spiral hair guide. We love Rsession Tools 4-in-1 Tapered Curling Iron, $49.99 at—constructing perfect curls has never been easier.

Using your fingers, rake through your hair to loosen curls, and mist with a holding spray to set. We love Hold Please Volume Shine Hairspray, $10 at—in addition to flexible hold, it also adds a bit of gloss and an ounce of oomph.