British designer Louise Gray showcased her Fall 2011 collection during Mercedes-Benz Russia Fashion Week in Moscow yesterday.

You have to admire Louise’s attitude towards fashion. She basically does what she wants to do and to hell with the “rules.”

When the first look came out, the person next to me said, “wow.” He was in total shock, like most of the audience.

I have never seen so many prints with one look. Clashing plaids, metallic polka dots, houndstooth checks, stripes and checkers were all paired with half metallic-half polka dot wellington boots.

It was a true carnival of colour, which felt well thought out, rather than colours and prints thrown together for the sake of it.

Bloomers, shoulder padded bras, fringed skirts, mohair coats, slouched jackets, and colourful mini dresses were presented.

Key accessories included oversized envelope bags/clutches, whistles as earrings and necklaces plus heart-shaped helium balloon hats.

It was baffling at times, but very entertaining.

Anna Dello Russo would love this collection.