Dita von Teese In Vivienne Westwood – Vivienne Westwood Los Angeles Store Opening

Wearing all black Dita von Teese put an amazing effort when it came to her look for the Vivienne Westwood LA Store Opening last night.

From the fascinator to the fish net gloves, the Burlesque star added interesting accessories to ensure she stood out on the red carpet.

Her Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Spring 2011 black strapless taffeta gown was the perfect look for the princess of darkness.

She’s poised and perfect in every way with a gorgeous red lips providing the only pop of colour.

Credit: Getty

13 thoughts on “Dita von Teese In Vivienne Westwood – Vivienne Westwood Los Angeles Store Opening

  1. Emi

    She’s beautiful but she seems a character of a Tim Burton’s movie. It’s too much for the event, for me.

  2. Sharon

    I wish the background had been a lighter color so I could see the details better, but from what I can see, she’s as amazing as always. I love the thought that she gives to her clothing.

  3. Matt

    It’s amazing that our only link to old Hollywood glamor is Dita Von Teese, a stripper. Love her!! She is so committed to it and that’s what I love, usually when people try to emulate it, they never do it all the way, it’s just the hair and lips and then they are done.

  4. msd

    I’m sure a lot of people will think this is over the top but I love it. I think it’s totally compatible with the Westwood vibe. Vivienne herself is very theatrical and Dita is wearing this outfit in the right spirit, imo.

  5. Alicat

    Very theatrical – but then that is what her image is all about. She certainly has what it takes to carry off this dramatic gown.

  6. pipsqueak

    I love Dita. She’s so theatrical, original and badass. She also sounds quite smart in interviews.

  7. mochababe73

    I love Dita von Teese. She’s one of my style icons. I like that she has not only committed to her “look”, but she lives it as well. I have read her interview with InStyle several times. Her home is like out of a 1950s movie.


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