Sharon Stone In Christian Dior – Gorby 80 Gala At The Royal Albert Hall

Sharon Stone gave us some old Hollywood glamour on the red carpet at the Gorby 80 Gala At The Royal Albert Hall in London tonight.

The blonde actress is frustratingly inconsistent on the red carpet, but she pulled out all the stops on this occasion wearing a Christian Dior gown.

Her pink silk gown with silver embroidery is exquisite. It’s classic Stone.

I’m sure many of you will think she looks slightly disheveled because of her hair, but it been a windy night so we can forgive her on this occasion.

Do you think Sharon is back to her delightful Dior best?

Credit: Getty

19 thoughts on “Sharon Stone In Christian Dior – Gorby 80 Gala At The Royal Albert Hall

  1. DivaMom

    Looks like a really fancy nightgown. Although I gotta say it’s nice seeing her on the red carpet.

  2. mochababe73

    I think that her body looks amazing, but I don’t really like the dress. I agree with DivaMom. It looks like fancy lingerie.
    Make-up and face are the best she’s looked in a long time.

  3. KateS

    She always looks a little crazy to me – I think it’s great. Very negligee-sexy, and very Sharon.

  4. Alicat

    I love the gown although it is a tad loose and ill-fitting on the bust. She has the attitude and style to wear this. Pity about the band aid. It is distracting…

  5. Tahj

    OMG so nice. Now she looks like a movie star. In the 90s, Sharon Stone actually had style and this is something she would have worn in the early 90s. People might say it looks too much like a nightgown but that’s how Jean Harlowe and Veronica Lake and stars like that dressed. And in the 90s people were a lot of slip dresses too.

  6. Luis

    I think she looks like always… she looks good for her age, but the dress and band aid and her hips look so bad…..

    1. Linda

      Yeah, she’s had a lot of misses, but I can’t find fault with this. Classic Sharon Stone indeed.

  7. jill (polkadot23)

    I’ve gotta say: I agree with Saara, this is her at her best. And maybe it WAS the wind, but a hairdresser could work for hours and not achieve as effortless a windswept, just got out of bed look, which really works with the negligee/gown. She just looks radiant and natural, and with the red lips, glamorous.

    Hadn’t noticed the plaster/band aid til someone mentioned it, but that looks like from drawing blood. It’s not like falling and scraping your knee. Hope she’s well and it was just a check up.


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