Katie Holmes In Ralph Lauren – “The Kennedys” World Premiere

Katie Holmes walked the red carpet for “The Kennedys” World Premiere which was held at The AMPAS Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills last night.

I bet you’re thinking that Tom Cruise wasn’t there. Well he was.

It looks like he finally got my memo, because on this rare occasion he allowed his wife to pose all by herself so we can actually get a good look at her Ralph Lauren Spring 2011 dress.

Her knitted lace pale blue dress with a flared skirt was teamed nude strappy sandals and a gold necklace with an ‘S’ (Suri) pendant to complete her look.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn this colour before, but it’s the perfect colour for Spring.

I’m loving Katie’s sassy confidence at the moment.

I hope we get to see her wearing her own Holmes & Yang collection soon, as Malin Akerman did a get good of showcasing a look last week.

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  • Alicat

    The pose is unfortunate but the dress fresh and pretty, although too casual for the event as others have said. I like her with longer hair. It’s like she’s got back some of her lost youth. Mr C looks strange with the half tucked in shirt which is probably deliberate. lol

    • Fashion Critic

      Yes it is David Beckham does this so does Kantye West

  • carol

    Love her, can’t stand him!!

  • Jones19

    It’s a cute dress but a little too casual for this event.

  • Alexandra

    This outfit says im meeting with my girlfriends for lunch and I might bring my daughter. The outfit is a bust sorry Katie we all know you can do better.

  • Faellie

    In the main picture she is posing like a little girl showing off, and in the close-up she looks remarkably like a dark-haired version of Nicole Kidman.

  • rebecca o

    She looks lovely.

  • KateS

    It’s cute if a little casual, but this feels like a missed opportunity for her to really have fun on the red carpet – nothing about this suggests Jackie O. Not that she should have come in-character, but she could have had fun with references.

  • nicky

    The dress is simple and not really right for the occasion but I still think she looks beautiful. A good look that is refreshing and pretty. I don’t really think Katie wears her own line of clothes as other celebrities…she just tends to look sloppy.

  • karen

    I think this dress is too casual for a premiere but at least it’s an improvement from her usual looks. Katie always looks so drabby and dresses too old for her age. I’m not sure if she’s trying to look older because of Tom or she’s just trying to look sophiscated but it just ages her. This Lauren dress is at least age appropriate but not event appropriate.

  • Emi

    Cute dress, but for a premiere is too simple… and she should pose better, look at her legs…

  • Karina

    I think the dress is not appropriate for the occasion too casual!!!

  • Vi

    She looks great!!!!! All negatives should take a look in the mirror at themselves and sweep the dust on their porch.

  • Sharon

    It’s nice to see her in a color other than gray. And it’s nice to see a photo of her without either husband or child attached. But for someone whose legs are not her best feature, she sure manages to bring attention to them. This is the second photo I’ve seen of her at this event, and both of them look like she has a broken leg.

  • Bia Mariano

    in this first picture, she looks like Natalie Portman when she ‘ brokes’ her legs in black swan…

  • I don’t love the dress…It’s not bad, necessarily – but she could have had so much more fun with her outfit, especially given the role! She looks cute for taking Suri to the park, not for the world premier of a film she’s starring in…

  • mochababe73

    This looks as though she’s going out to lunch at the park with Suri. I love the dress, but I don’t think that it’s premiere appropriate.
    For the premiere of the Kennedy movie, I expected her to go all out. Not a gown, per se, but something that looked as though she put forth some effort.

  • dee

    This is nice but it looks to casual for a premiere. Maybe if she added a jacket it would look more polished.

  • Moxie

    Nice dress, but she needs to watch how she poses. It looks like she’s hyperextended her knee.

  • mol

    She may look a bit casual (but beautiful), but then she has Tom to contend with who looks like he just came in from cleaning the garage!

  • D

    kate having a bit of a youth back

  • maria

    i don’t think she looks bad, but i don’t think this is a good dress for a premiere. It’s very casual and i could see somebody wearing it to go to the beach. It looks like a long tanktop or nightie.

  • Love the dress and the color, but she really needs to cut her hair short again. It instantly transformed her into a style icon. I just can’t take her seriously with long hair, all i can think of is that dreadful Joey Potter!

  • Mar

    At first I thought it was Alaia! She looks really beautiful – the colour looks lovely on her. On of her best looks in a while for sure.

  • cindy

    She looks so beautiful! Have you seen that sexy look on her face? God I missed that look from her. She’s wearing a color, she has real heels, her hair and make-up is gorgeaous and she doesn’t look half dead. It’s the best she looked in a long time i think.

  • Ethne Blist

    Not BDOTW, but a good look for her. But I wish she wore a ‘I Am Playing Jackie O’ stand-out look. She should have gone all-out.

    • ashley

      totally agree. i expected more from her

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