Recognize those eyes? Of course you do—a blind man knows that this gorgeous honey brown gaze belongs to a one Kim Kardashian.

Along with her infamous tush, her kooky family, her revolving love life and her flawless features, it’s her magnificent makeup that keeps the world captivated. Love her or hate her—She. Never. (Ever!) Gets. It. Wrong. Her brows? Groomed to perfection. Her cheeks? Impossibly (yet believably) flushed. Her foundation? Just like second-skin. Her eyeshadow? Ever immaculate. And then there’s her lashes.

We hear that Kardashian is a huge fan of Ja’maal Buster Eyelashes, as is Rihanna, Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Taylor Swift. To create her lush lash look, cut the lash band into a few pieces and strategically place them along the upper lash line for a dramatic, seductive effect.

As for the bottom set, some prefer to use short and mini individuals. But for us novices, there’s a special mascara for that. Clinique’s newest offering, Bottom Lash Mascara, features a doll-sized brush that lengthens and fans every single fine hair along your lower lash line for maximum intensity.

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Credit: Fame Pictures