The Metropolitan Opera Premiere of Le Comte Ory

We’ve seen the Olsen twins and Emmy Rossum on the red carpet for The Metropolitan Opera Premiere of Le Comte Ory, here are the rest of the looks.

There were many black looks on the red carpet starting with Clare Danes who wore a YSL one-shoulder gown.

The floor-length black gown was adorned with gold embellishments. Her elegant look was perfect for a night at the opera.

The only pop of colour from Claudia Schiffer came via her orange nail polish.

German supermodel looked so statuesque wearing a simple black YSL Edition Soir 2011 halter dress which she paired with a gold clutch and YSL heels.

“The Good Wife” actress Julianna Margulies also opted for a very simple black YSL dress which she teamed with some tribal-eqse gold accessories. ¬†Had it not been for the accessories I would’ve been very bored with this look.

Olivia Munn was my least favourite at this event. Her black velvet YSL strapless dress isn’t the problem; it’s the black opera gloves.

They are too costumey for my liking. Only Dita can pull off those gloves.

Julianna’s co-star Christine Baranski lightened things up wearing a YSL dove grey draped dress.

I love how elegant she looks. She was the only one other than Emmy Rossum to opt for a bold lip colour as everyone else went neutral.

British actress Rebecca Hall – again like Emmy Rossum – opted for a bold colour at this event.

In a sea of black she stood out wearing a red long sleeve dress with a beaded black waistband.

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Emmy Rossum In YSL - The Metropolitan Opera Premiere of Le Comte Ory

Emmy Rossum In YSL – The Metropolitan Opera Premiere of Le Comte Ory

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16 Responses to The Metropolitan Opera Premiere of Le Comte Ory

  1. Saara March 26, 2011 at 10:19 #

    Christine was the best dressed at this event by a long way. Emmy Rossum wore a beautiful dress but I hate her make-up

  2. Emi March 26, 2011 at 08:35 #

    I like Baranski, I voted her as best dressed, and Rebecca Hall. Also Claire danes looks good. For me, the worst look is O. Munn’s, boring and old. And Le Comte Ory is such a nice opera, I’m gonna check if I know somebody of the cast, I know some opera singers.

  3. Tahj March 25, 2011 at 22:08 #

    Claire Danes is simple and elegant as always. I love the way she dresses. Always looks smart and sophisticated and minimalist.

    Now Claudia Schiffer…that’s not how you do the minimalist look. She looks awkward to me. Especially for a supermodel.

  4. Leo March 25, 2011 at 18:14 #

    Julianna Margulies’s necklace and bracelet are amazing. I wish she went with a dark red or green, the black dress is kinda boring.

    Christine Baranski is the picture of classy here. Love her bold lipstick also, it’s a nice touch to the look.

  5. f4fashion March 25, 2011 at 17:37 #

    I’m less than impressed by these looks. Since you mentioned her name, I miss Dita soooooooooooooooooo MUCH!

  6. Gretta March 25, 2011 at 16:46 #

    Christine Baranski looks so classically elegant. I LOVE the colour with her blonde hair and pale skin. Best dressed at this event in my opinion.

  7. Rebecca March 25, 2011 at 16:38 #

    I think Clare Danes, Julianna Margulies and Christine Baranski all look fabulous–Rebecca Hall needs to do something with her hair and the long waisted dress just makes her look too long waisted

  8. Alina March 25, 2011 at 16:35 #

    I kind of like the last two looks – clean and elegant.

  9. mimi March 25, 2011 at 16:31 #

    I thought Raquel Zimmerman looked stunning as well. I don’t understand how you almost never feature current, young models.

    • Fashion Critic March 25, 2011 at 17:09 #

      I have no interest in models unless they are supermodels or on in runway pictures.

      Sorry but they are so blad and they bore me to tears plus I think they mostly look unhealthy.

  10. Hannah March 25, 2011 at 16:27 #

    Christine Barasnki is my favourite by a mile at this event. She looks SO chic. I love the makeup adn the earrings and that colour! She actually looks liek she is goign to the opera too!
    Olivia munn ruine dwhat could have been a nice look with those gloves. They are like when Blake lively wore gloves to the met gala btu worse. They don’t even look costumey, they are too big, they look like she has been cleaning in them, or like movie psycho gloves. Not good.

    • Fashion Critic March 25, 2011 at 17:12 #

      I agree re Christine

      • mol March 25, 2011 at 20:29 #

        Ditto, Christine is the one who really caught my eye.

  11. maria March 25, 2011 at 16:25 #

    i like Julianne Margulies. Love her hair and makeup and the overall look. HATE Claudia Schiffer. What’s up with that hair? She has worn it like that now for 20 years?
    I like Rebecca Hall’s dress. Great colour.

    • Fiona March 26, 2011 at 00:03 #

      I so agree about Claudia Schiffer’s hair. She insists on the centre part and it always looks brassy to me. When she has a fringe it somehow looks better, but she bores me in general I’m afraid.

  12. Ethne Blist March 25, 2011 at 16:07 #

    God why were all the looks SO BORING??? It is as if there was nothing YSL to choose from that wasn’t snoozeville. Nobody looked interesting. Sleep time.

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