Evan Rachel Wood In Elie Saab – “Mildred Pierce” New York Premiere

Just when I was having the Monday blues from not having anything really exciting to report this weekend, up pops Evan Rachel Wood.

The blonde actress was in New York City tonight walking the red carpet at the “Mildred Pierce” Premiere.

She opted for a plum Elie Saab dress from the Fall 2011 collection.

The long sleeve jersey with a thigh high split is paired with matching plum peep-toe platforms with a double ankle strap from the same collection.

Her jewels perfectly complement the embellished detail on her hip.

The Gothic princess is perfection in plum with a gorgeous rouge lips completing her look.

Credit: Getty

32 thoughts on “Evan Rachel Wood In Elie Saab – “Mildred Pierce” New York Premiere

  1. Sharon

    The color is just beautiful on her, and I love the top half of the dress. I just hope the thigh-high split isn’t around much longer. I’m quickly tiring of it and the poses it encourages.

  2. Hannah M

    Love the dress, love the makeup, but her hair reminds me of Barbie, if she forgot to touch up her roots. Weird color, weird cut.

    1. PamG

      She is such a pretty girl, and plum is a great color on her. However, I agree that the hair should change, but instead of touching up the roots, maybe she should cut some length and go darker. She looks a bit washed out.

      1. Pati

        Well I don´t know whether FC was right to call her ” a blonde actress”. To me her hair is the color of overcooked carrot! Yak!

  3. pam

    I really like this dress. Beautiful color. I’m guessing that slit isn’t quite so pronounced when she isn’t posing. Not crazy about the shoes and am wondering what is up with that hair color? Is she between shades of brunette and blond?

  4. Nat39

    Love the plum color on her. But the length of the dress is just wrong. It should’ve been LONGER, the thigh-high split is just asking for it!
    Still, she outdoes Kate (by a very VERY long mile) in my book as well (agree with Ethne)

  5. JacobGH

    Great dress but WTF is she doing with her hair? It makes her look like a try-hard reality starlet unfortunately. I prefer her as a redhead.

  6. T from Sydney

    something about her hair is buggin me. the colour, extensions….

    love the rest of the look!

  7. Emi

    I lke her from head to toe, great dress and shoes, perfect hair and make up. BDOTW contender, for me. It’s a fresh look.

  8. Lalitha

    This dress, esp in plum, looks rich, smouldering….with just the right amount of risque! I love it.

  9. Samantha

    I don’t mind the hair but I definitely prefer the way she wore it in 2009, shorter and redder. But I absolutely love the dress. BDOTW for me.

    1. dee

      I am replying to myself…lol. I think her hair is too long and blonde. I much prefer her as a redhead.

  10. Laura

    Love the dress. Jewel tones are gorgeous on her (See: 2009 SAG Awards). I really like the makeup on her as well. The only thing that’s off for me is the hair. Right color for this dress but the extensions are too fakey for me.

  11. Suz

    This is the best I think I’ve seen her look in a long time. Not so gothic and dramatic. She actually looks happy.

  12. mochababe73

    I like the color on her and the styling. Her hair doesn’t bother me much.
    However, I don’t like the length on the dress. It hits at a weird part. It should have been floor length or at the knee.


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