Who Wore Marc Jacobs Better? Victoria Beckham or Nicky Hilton

Victoria Beckham had us lusting over her Marc Jacobs cropped leather forest green jacket when she was papped leaving her hotel in New York City last month.

Her jacket was paired with grey jeans and a dark grey top. The fashion designer accessorized with an Isabel Marant ethnic necklace, grey ankle boots, a black Celine clutch and a black beanie hat.

Last week Nicky Hilton was spotted out in LA wearing the same cropped jacket in red.

She also opted for a super casual approach teaming her jacket with a black tank top and navy leggings.

Black lace-up booties and a Proenza Schouler PS1 satchel which she carries everywhere completed her look.

Both wore their hair down and opted for aviator-style shades.

Victoria wins for me as I prefer her colour scheme and her accessories.

Victoria and Nicky’s Marc Jacobs cropped leather jacket is available in green from Barney’s, nude from Matches Fashion and khaki from S|sense.

Credit: Fame Pictures

12 thoughts on “Who Wore Marc Jacobs Better? Victoria Beckham or Nicky Hilton

  1. Weber from Brazil

    Damm I’m so confused
    Both of them look beautiful and classy!
    But Nick’s got my choice cause I don’t like Victoria’s bonnet!

  2. Shaina

    Victoria wins for me as well. But there is something I really like about Nicky’s look. I just don’t know what.

  3. Ethne Blist

    I say they are tied for who looks the most unhealthy. I don’t like Nicky’s Jeggings, so VB wins for me. That’s the only reason.

  4. Nat39

    Victoria is a clear winner for me. Her look is so well put together, love the colour scheme, the accessories – everything comes together so nicely. Love that forest green jacket!
    Nicky’s look is really bad. Wearing actual pants instead of leggings would’ve made a big difference.

  5. RiaD

    looove the colour of Nicky’s but overall prefer Victoria’s look. I’m hoping you’ll review VB’s latest collection, FC…would love to hear what you thought about it.

  6. mochababe73

    I like the casualness of Nicky’s look. Victoria is overstyled and has too much going on. And, to me, the fit is better on Nicky.


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