Emily Maynard In Tadashi Shoji – The Bachelor Season Finale

As you know we are always a step behind in the UK, so I haven’t actually seen The Bachelor season finale which took place in the US on ABC last night.

I did however see the million’s of tweets on my feed this morning to realise it was a bit of a big deal.

Southern belle Emily Maynard stole Brad Womack heart as her proposed to her on the season finale of The Bachelor last night.

She already looked like she was ready to walk down the aisle wearing a gorgeous Tadashi Shoji Spring 2010 gown.

Emily wore half up-half down in her blush silk georgette boatneck draped knot-front gown.

She added earrings and a few bracelets to her look, but nothing was more dazzling than her Neil Lane ring.

Credit: NYMag.com & ABC

8 thoughts on “Emily Maynard In Tadashi Shoji – The Bachelor Season Finale

  1. Marvel

    FC I think you should consider keeping this a ‘Bachelor’ free zone like ‘Jersey Shore’.
    She does look good though

        1. hally

          there’s some fun fashion on there though. i don’t watch it i just go online for fashion recaps. i don’t like watching a guy swap spit with like 4 different girls in one night. girls who all live in the same house. its really creepy if you think about it.

  2. Ethne Blist

    Trust me FC, it is CHEESY. So cheesy it makes Americans look even more stupid in the international eye. Emily looks lovely- Tadashi Shoji always does lovely well.

  3. laura D

    The dress was beautiful from the front…but from the back, the zipper was obvious and clumsy looking – a pet peeve of mine, especially on formal wear.

  4. laura D

    Could you post (if you can find a good image) the dress that the “runner up” Chantal O’Brien wore?

    It’s a lovely dark green David Meister – and if you can get a shot of her whole body, you can see how well it flatters her curves and her coloring.

  5. robbie

    gorgeous dress, shame this sham of a relationship wont last, do these people ever find “true” love?


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