Double Denim Sidewalk Style: Charlize Theron In Current/Elliott & Rag & Bone

I remember back in the 80s when double denim was the look.

It then became really unfashionable for a while despite Britney Spears and Justin Timberlakes best efforts to make the look cool again.

Charlize Theron proves when worn right it can be quite a sexy look.

The South African actress was spotted headed to a Spa in Hollywood yesterday wearing a light denim Current/Elliott Perfect shirt with dark denim Rag & Bone jeans.

The faux-pas looks has become fashionable.

Double denim was seen on the Ralph Lauren, Chloe and D&G Spring 2010 runways so why do I still not want to jump on this trend?

David Beckham and Alexa Chung have also managed to pull of the DD look.

23 thoughts on “Double Denim Sidewalk Style: Charlize Theron In Current/Elliott & Rag & Bone

  1. Ethne Blist

    I love this look. It is so Charlize and chic. I am glad she didn’t go for heels. it would’ve been a whole different look I think. Her red carpet look is glam glam but her street style is kinda boyish.

  2. Adler

    I’m not fan of the total denim look, but I really like Charlize’s look. I like the way she wears the shirt, efortless and sexy!

  3. Marvel

    I think the trick to wear Denim with Denim is to wear different shades and not pile the same colour on one look.
    The pic of Britney and JT made me laugh.

  4. Nat39

    She rocks this look, makes it work. She proves that a ‘faux pas’ look is no longer faux when done right. Thumbs up.

  5. Ines

    Theron has a best candid style around. She may sometimes be “boring” (thus her boring is incredible beautiful) but in term of candid/daily style she is the best for me. It’s always very simple yet chic and sexy.

  6. mochababe73

    This works because the denims are two different colors.
    I wouldn’t wear it because I wore denim shirts in the 90s. Not interested in doing it again.

  7. Hannah

    First things first, no matter how trends change, and who comes along, Charliza Theron will always be one of the reigning queens of cool. I think she does looks like this the best, like that gorgeous rag and bone ensemble she wore a few years back. She is effortless without the effort put in.
    I was young during the britney/justin saga so thankyou fc for introducing me to that look, which i am sure i will not forget anytime soon :P
    The reson I still hat edenim on denim is because it looks HIDEOUS on the runways, nto chic, not cool, neither relaxed nor structured. I thik it is also such a risky look that let’s eb honest, we know in a year or so’s time we will look back in horror at the atrocity that is our denim on denim outfit we wore not too long ago.

  8. KateS

    I think Charlize makes this work because of the great cuts and high contrast between the pieces -still not sure this look should be attempted by we the masses.

      1. PamG

        FC – I think you should try this look! You’re long and lean and can totally pull this look off a long as there is some contrast. Charlize has contrast in the varying shades of blue and the loose top with tight pants. She always looks very cool.

        1. Fashion Critic Post author

          Thank you.

          Maybe I’ll try it inTopshop, but don’t think iwill take it to the streets ;)

  9. Idealist

    i did a post on this denim on denim look as well. I think the key is to not wear the same wash. Charlize looks cute & comfy wearing the light denim shirt w/ the dark denim pant. it givs off tht diff textrue look, if tht mks any since…

  10. Anne

    That picture of Britney and Justin is frightening. Who told them those outfits were at ALL okay to leave the house in?? As far as Charlize is concerned, I actually really like this look on her. I am not usually a fan, but she pulls it off very nicely.

  11. mol

    Charlize look works far better than the runway looks IMO. It doesn’t look pre-meditated at all, just cool and relaxed, with a hat for covering after spa hair – perfect!

  12. mala

    I hate double denim since I despise denim, but she makes it work -_-

    Although I wonder- how can you tell that these are Rag and Bone jeans? With identifying things like jeans, I don’t know how you do it, since most essentially look the same ahahahah

  13. anne

    Wow at the britney and justin pic :))) totally made my day:))))what would possess you to get out of the house looking like that? i think jennifer garner tried this look also without any luck.
    charlize looks impecable as always. For this reason alone i wish she were more photographed, she has great street style.

  14. Kristina

    I love this look its so effortless and cool. I especially love the shoes, any idea on where they are from?

  15. nicky

    She looks so beautiful. The outfit totally works because its not contrived…effortlessly chic. Charlize has great street style.

  16. pam

    Year after year, Charlize always looks great. Of course, now all of Hollywood is going to do the double denim and it’s not going to be pretty.


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