Alexa Chung Front Row @ Valentino Fall 2011

Alexa Chung was also front row at Valentino’s Fall 2011 presentation during Paris Fashion Week.

I really like this Valentino Pre-Fall 2011 creamy leather dress with ruffled details, lace bodice and bow accent.

Yes the tights do bother me but I can live with them, it’s those shoes that crush me the most.

They make Alexa look so flat footed. I would’ve loved some heels with this look.

Alexa was snapped by Street Style photographer Tamu from ‘All The Pretty Birds’ outside the venue.

The blue coat and the tights work on that occasion.

Credit: & Getty

18 thoughts on “Alexa Chung Front Row @ Valentino Fall 2011

  1. Ethne Blist

    Alexa Chung knows how to cheapen and water down high fashion. Why is she invited? Oh FC I share your (italics) dislike (end of italics) of Alexa Chung. This dress works for her but I hate the tights and the shoes. She hates heels. That’s okay- we get it- but why these?

  2. Amy

    That blue coat really works….
    I hate those tights.
    But those shoes are killing me.
    Can’t help wishing someonw, anyone (almost anyone) other than Alexa had worn this dress.

  3. Nat39

    Very cute little dress, would like to see it on Emma Watson. Alexa should’ve measured the length of her feet in those shoes – they look so long and flat. Why would you wanna do this to your feet. Like her blue coat.

  4. robbie

    nothing makes feet look larger than a pair of pointed toe flats. cute dress she it is on her though.

    1. KateS

      I agree about the dress and the flats. Not that I think Alexa needs heels, she’s so incredibly leggy already, but she has quite bit feet already and a round or almond shaped toe would be much nicer.

  5. Leo

    Flat-footed for sure, but “Massaro-made-to-measure-for-Chanel-Haute-Couture-Show”-flat-footed nonetheless…!! Lucky girl!!

  6. NY

    She could of gone for some classic chanel flats, which would of been both classier and more flattering.

  7. Hannah

    I really hated thsoe shoes on the chanel runway, an dI ahte them more here. Karl Lagerfeld is veyr talented but chanel need a new sheo designer IMO, they are really not his forte.

  8. Alicat

    Cute dress but totally ruined by Alexa’s styling. The black tights on her skinny legs worn with those hideous shoes verges on goblinesque. She obviously chooses to look like this and thinks she is edgy and fashion forward. Kudos to her for her self confidence, but I will never, ever understand or like her style.

  9. Jones19

    No no no she ruined a chic dress with those tights and flats. Ugh she looks like an L from the side.


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