Cate Blanchett In Givenchy Couture – 2011 Oscars

Best Dressed Award
When Cate Blanchett stepped on the red carpet at the 2011 Oscars tonight the competition for Best Dressed ended.

This is why I love Cate Blanchett; she glided down the red carpet wearing Givenchy Spring 2011 Couture gown looking sensational.

No one has even come close to matching this type of perfection tonight.

Her pleated lilac chiffon gown is embroidered with pearls details. I love the yellow as a contrasting colour.

Cate’s super short boyish crop has grown out. I much prefer this length as it’s more feminine.

Van Cleef & Arpels jewels completed her look.

If I was an actress on this red carpet I would grab my coat and go home.

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102 thoughts on “Cate Blanchett In Givenchy Couture – 2011 Oscars

  1. Godiva

    When I saw this dress I screamed “YES!!”
    The entire look is pure perfection. I love the dress — it isn’t like the other “uniform” award dresses and completely matches her personality.

    1. Linda

      Yes, agree completely 100 percent with FC. And Godiva, “uniform” is a great word to describe a lot of the dresses we see. This could easily be my BDOTY.

  2. Amber

    I saw this and gasped, and not in a good way, but in the What arrrrrrrrre you wearing way. Two big thumbs down!

    1. Moxie

      Glad to know I’m not the only one who didn’t like this look. I’m sure it is going to be at the top of many worst dressed lists tomorrow. Waist down it is lovely. Waist up is a train wreck with much to much going on.

    2. Nat

      Definitely on my Worst dressed list. I wonder if that circle above her waist has some special meaning. And what’s with yellow pearls and the origami shoulder covers…

      1. Moxie

        I could probably like it if it weren’t for the circle, the shoulders and the yellow beading. Not love it, mind you, but like it.

      1. Maranna

        Had this dress not been Givenchy, but rather the creating of a lesser-known designer, no fashion conoisseur wannabe would have liked it. At all. When have the “experts” ever liked innovation? However, if you attache a household name to it, it becomes “genius”. Ugh.

        1. Fashion Critic Post author

          I totally disagree with you. You are basically saying we are so stupid that we only like brands rather then the dress and the person in the dress.

          Really insulting

      2. dee

        Okay so I take back everything I said. This picture does not do this dress service. I saw a clip of Cate on TV and she is hands down the best dressed of the night. Her gown is breathtaking.

  3. vicky

    I feel this years Oscar’s very mellow, fashion wise…
    There’s been one boring dress after another, and if the gown’s been OK something else with the styling has been off..
    And then Cate Blanchett appears. Pure heaven!!

  4. Shaina

    My jaw just dropped! I am amazed at how she pulls off these amazing couture looks.

    I don’t know about everyone else, but this is on my mental BDOTY list.

  5. Barbara

    Yes Catherine, best dressed award.
    She is completly unique and fashion forward but still so elegant and feminine… just LOVE IT!
    She will win the best gown of 2011 (again!) :)))

  6. CB

    The dress looks significantly better on Cate than the runway model. I never would have selected it from the lookbook, but dang! Cate rocks it! Love the simple hair and accessories as well.

  7. Tahj

    Admit you’re biased! lol. I am too! Come on if someone like Reese Witherspoon of Mila Kunis wore this, they would be trashed. But it’s Cate Blanchett, only she could pull off this! (well or Tilda Swinton). Still not my best dressed of the night but hail Cate!

  8. Christy

    Right with you FC, she looks incredible. By being a little different in her choices she always knocks it out of the ball park.

  9. Y!

    I love this dress from far, the colour is amazing, so are the shoulders! but when looking at the pictures taken in close distance, I really find the pearl disturbing especially the yellow ones. I am really sad…

  10. Mina

    “If I was an actress on this red carpet I would grab my coat and go home.”

    This is why I love you FC: not only is your knowledge of fashion Nobel worthy, you have the most AWESOME sense of humor ever!

  11. Incroyable

    Excuse my language but, F@#KING AMAZING!!

  12. molly

    As soon as I saw this, I knew she would be your best dressed. Im loving this. The dress is so exciting but in a low key sort of way:D

  13. Dirk

    I really don’t like the top half of the dress though. I think it’s the sleeves.


    “If I was an actress on this red carpet I would grab my coat and go home.”

    LMAO. that was a good laugh. I cold just imagine Nicole Kidman looking at Cate and saying ‘oh, well. i tried. Keith, get the limo, we’re going home.”

  14. asherlev1


    God, she looks flawless. The second I saw her I was so glad, cos she redeemed the entire red carpet show for me (the watching could get a bit boring at times).

  15. mimi

    I love Cate as much as you do but she is definitely not the best dressed. the color washes her out and the embroideries look weird

  16. chryssa

    OMG!I couldn’t agree more!She looks absolutely stunning!Regal and oh! sweet i might add!Best Dressed for sure.

  17. Vidhya

    Im actually blown away… its a perfect gown.. its givenchy, its couture, its on trend.. its nt lost in the sea of chintzy looking dresses… i wud put her up for BDOTY.. toooooo beautiful… other than amy adams and hilary swank.. its been pretty boring till nw.. thanks for this vision of perfection , fc

      1. Vera

        Always welcome) You have a very hard night today, I wish you are OK after it!

        And thank you for your posts – as always)

  18. Kaz

    She looks fabulous and quite youthful.

    Wonder how many people predicted lilac as a red carpet trend for these Oscars!

  19. Laura

    Such a regal and worthy best dressed. Cate works Givenchy like no one else can. A stunning choice. They talked to Jessica Paster on E before the red carpet. I wonder if she styled Cate. If she did, she did an amazing job.

  20. msd

    Completely agree! This is why I love her too. No tired pouffy princess ballgowns for Cate. She looks edgy and different but also really pretty at the same time. I love the back too although we can’t see it in this photo.

  21. Martin

    This is flawless, this is faultless, this is perfection. Tears welled up in my eyes when I saw Cate in this gown. Style. Icon.

  22. msd

    Another thing I wanted to say is that she has this great quality of appearing completely relaxed and effortless in couture. I don’t know how she does it but she somehow manages to make everyone else look like they’re trying too hard. Tonight is no exception.

  23. Ev

    It is a very unique dress and it matches her personality perfectly, but I am not wowed for some reason. I am longing for some color but it would’ve ruined the look completely. Just a little bit underwhelming.

  24. jen

    WOW this is my favvvv dress from that collection & i m sooo glad it has made it to the oscars & she did it justice! awesome, just awesome. 100% agree on the best dressed

  25. Raquel

    There is no star/actress with the same elegance, confidence and sense of self like Cate. No one other woman in the bussiness owens a look like her. Therefore, she is a winner.

    And the short do? WIN.

  26. Matt

    As soon as I saw Cate hit the carpet, I knew she was wearing Givenchy and she looked incredible.

    I love Cate, I love this gown, I love Cate in this gown, but I picture this gown more for an event like the Met Gala. I had hoped she would wear Elie Saab or Alexander McQueen but this is a pretty incredible gown.

  27. Elisa

    You are SO right. Sorry babes, Queen Cate is kicking ass and taking names in this dress. Mandy Moore alllllllmost had a chance, but then BAM! What a night of underwhelming, basic looks… We probably psych ourselves up more than these actress, because after one hour looking at I’m sure everyone here could pick up better choices than them.

  28. KateS

    Wow, she’s on a whole nother level. This is perfection. So unexpected and so different from the standard red carpet oscar dress, but so beautiful. Only Cate.

  29. mochababe73

    I HATE this dress. I guess that I am not fashionista enough to appreciate it this. I think if the bodice were plain or that big circle was not on it, maybe I would like it. As it is, that circle looks like a big target.

    1. Sharon

      You really made me laugh, mochababe. I feel much like you about this dress. Maybe my couture appreciation system has short-circuited.. The color is beautiful and I love the skirt, but the bodice decoration looks to me like an Aztec sun god symbol. I’m also not a fan of the yellow embroidery on the back and shoulders. Too Easter-eggy.

  30. Joven

    When I saw Cate stepped out of the limo, my jaw dropped on the floor. Then, I had a “couture orgasm” after seeing her full shot wearing this dress. All I can say at that moment was “Oooh! Ahhhh!” If Elie Saab is your King, Cate Blanchett is my Queen!

  31. pipsqueak

    The gown has a feminine color palette but it’s a very sculptural look. Just like Cate – delicate and strong, edgy and regal all in one. I’d call her “divine,” but not really Oprah. This look is definitely the best dressed winner!

  32. candice

    i like the cut of the shoulders. i like how it is different.

    however. and this is a big however. the adornments look like big, plastic, cheap beading that could have been done at kmart or target.

    i wld have liked it if the beading looked more intricate, expensive, elegant.


  33. Lee Ann

    This is the best look so far this year let alone the oscars.No need to comment on any other of the other perfectly executed but unexciting looks of the evening: Michelle Williams in white? Who would have thought? Nicole in couture Dior? Wow that’s a new one. Reese lady like? Who woulda thought? Sequins? Whoa steady on.
    You are right. If I was there saw this I would put my coat on and go home.

  34. Manuel

    Im quite angered to read elsewhere that Blanchett is getting criticed for her Givenchy Couture dress. What on earth?? She looks incredible and so different from anyone else

    To me she is fantastic any way

    1. msd

      It’s not surprising it’s divisive, I mean the likes of Joan Rivers would never get on board with something this conceptual or different. (Thank God for that, though!) This dress is very “high fashion” too, so people who love high fashion adore it but people who don’t are perplexed by it or think it’s weird. Personally I wish more stars had been bolder with their choices. This year’s looks were a bit of yawn, sadly.

  35. Andreea

    I don’t know how she makes it,but she always looks incredible ! I liked the fact that she wore Givenchy,she looks outstanding.

  36. S

    Strangely I don’t like this look. I think the bodice detail makes her bust look a bit strange and the colour is a bit off too. Don’t hate me!

  37. nicky

    gorgeous. no one could’ve pulled off this dress except from cate. she looks adorable…love the baby pink colour with her hair which looks great as well. this dress suits her personality so well. A++!

  38. Mary

    When I saw her walking the RC last night my first thought was “Finally someone brought Cannes to Hollywood”. And for that she is my best dressed too!

  39. Danika

    I actually sighed when I saw this! Absolutely stunning, love love LOVE! Definitely best dressed by a good mile!

  40. Annel

    Yes, yes, yes! A sci-fi/armour/target-disc/lavender-yellow colour combo is not an easy thing to pull off! – How does she do it?!

  41. cindy

    I was watching the red carpet on tv and I saw somebody passs behind the interviewer, I just caught a glimpse of neon yellow and lilac and I litterally screamed! I grabbed my boyfriend’s lap and I was like: OMG OMG OMG somebody is wearing the givenchy dress OMG OMG OMG. And when I saw it was cate it was just the icing on top of the cake. She blew me away, this is going to be my BDOTY….flawless. Bow down before the queen, she did it again.

  42. Pablo

    Holly gods of fashion! She’s just in a league of her own, the rest shouldn’t really bother! I just found my BDOTY. Lets all bow before Queen Cate :D

  43. Fiona

    Sublime – love it love it love it. Love the colour on her, and the delicate pleated fabric, and the pearl embellishment with the hint of yellow – it all sounds so wrong but on her is so right. Her hair is gorgeous, BDOTY and it’s only February!!

  44. Joy

    Nobody feels a little biased to this dress on Cate? I love her, but this dress is no good with the weird circle my eyes can’t help but being drawn to and the puckering at the top of the circle? We would condemn someone else with that going on. I love her hairstyle and the pearl detail is beautiful, but I can’t get past the weird circle.

  45. Nancy Ries

    I thought she looked amazing- truly. However, the dress did not come across as well in most photos (washed out) which is why I think it’s causing some flak.

    I’m crazy about it though!

  46. pascha

    I was really hoping that Cate would wear a vintage Alexander McQueen but picking Givenchy was just genius.

    I would’ve gone with a more toned down version (more bejewelled in the crotch area) of this dress from F/W 10 Couture collection:

    but her choice on the night was equally stunning.

    Hehe and I totally agree with you on your last comment about going home. Although If I was an actress on this red carpet I would’ve grabbed my coat, gone home, dialled the number of my boring run-of-the-mill stylist who squeezed me into my predictably pedestrian red one-shoulder gown and given them a damn earful! :P

  47. Sue Jin

    She looks so incredibly gorgeous! When she came out to present the award there wasn’t enough time to catch all the beautiful details on this gown!

  48. susan

    Oh, I so agree……..cate was sensational…….
    a real statement this Givenchy Couture dress that it was draped on this creative lovely beautiy


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