Who Wore Christopher Kane Better? Rosamund Pike or Alexa Chung

It’s the battle of the Brits wearing a Brit designer.

Rosamund Pike dazzled on the red carpet at the “Barney’s Version” New York Premiere last month wearing a Christopher Kane galaxy print dress from the Resort 2011 collection.

The edgy silk empire line dress with a black leather yoke was paired with black tights, black pumps and an Alexander McQueen python skull clutch.

Alexa Chung broke out a bottle of Herbal Essences before hitting the red carpet at the 2011 NME Awards which was held in London this week.

Like Rosamund she also wore tights and black heels.

As much as it pains me to admit it, I prefer the dress on Alexa.

Her dark hair and sultry eyes work better with this look.

You can buy Rosamund and Alexa’s Christopher Kane galaxy print dress from Browns Fashion.

Credit: Getty

12 thoughts on “Who Wore Christopher Kane Better? Rosamund Pike or Alexa Chung

  1. mol

    This made me laugh considering your last post!! And I love how your fashion sense always comes first…..neither blew me away, but I agree, Alexa’s coloring works the best.

  2. Anita

    I like ppl who smile so I picked Rosamund even though I have no clue who she is.

    Well done FC! When I saw Alexas name, I was eager to see whether you could be objective considering recent events, hehe. You’re a better woman than me that’s for sure.

  3. Ethne Blist

    The thing is, Rosmeund Pike’s style IS quite upbeat, a bit edgy and kind of hipster (she loves Mary Katranzou hello). Rosemund’s upbeat attitude and confidence wins me over, even though the dress is Alexa’s forte.

  4. dee

    I like it better on Rosamund. I like the contrast of her blonde hair with the dark top and she fills out the dress more.

  5. nicknick

    i’m voting rosamund for this, she is much prettier, and someone needs to tell alexa to start eating again. also as alexa is susposed to be a fashion icon surely she knows better then to wear a dress already worn esp so recently.

  6. Amber

    I like the contrast better with Rosamund’s lighter hair, but I am surprised that Alex even bothered to wash her hair!

  7. Shaina

    I find it so funny that you seem to not like her style because I absolutely love it!
    And I agree, the dark hair and makeup work better with this look.

  8. Teleholic

    “As much as it pains me to admit it, I prefer the dress on Alexa.”

    That kind of made me laugh out loud.

  9. Mandarine

    Rosamund wins! Her neck is longer and her hairstyle lengthens her silhouette which makes this dress “sit” well on her. Plus the cute little bag adds a pretty touch to this otherwise Star Wars looks.

    Chung on the other end looks like she is on combative mode in this dress. The short sleeves make her look as though she’s going to bootcamp. Pretty boring look on her.


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