Here are a few highs and lows from my week at New York Fashion Week. It’s comes later than usual due to my server crashing on Monday and Tuesday.

Below are my top 11 looks from the shows I attended in no particular order, but the Oscar de le Renta dress was my number 1 favourite look for Fall 2011.


Funniest Conversation:
Friend – Shall we go to Vacca
Me – Isn’t it too early to be drinking?
Friend – No Vacca, Domenica Vacca
Fits of hysterical laughter

Favourite places to eat: When I had the chance Fred’s at Barneys and The Standard Grill.

Brad Goreski: As you know I had lunch with friends who invited Brad Goreski. I was super excited to meet him and I was so touched that upon being introduced to me that the feeling was mutual. Seeing Brad get beyond excited as the picture of his client Jessica Alba in Atelier Versace at the BAFTAs appeared on his Blackberry was so cute. It’s good to know we are the same red carpet fashion obsessed person.

Best celebrity sighting: Patti la Belle, who played a short set at The Box

Random celeb sightings: Helen Christensen on Hudson Street entering her home. A blonde Evan Rachel Wood causally walking past me on Broadway. Bumping into Brad Goreski after he had finished styling a shoot on Mercer Street. Will Farrell at the Standard Hotel.

Most Valuable experience: Flying Upper Class with Virgin Atlantic. For the first time in my life I was able to sleep on a plane thanks to their flat beds

Nicest celeb: Rose McGowan. I meet Rose at the Preen show. I told her that she was included in my Top 10 dresses of the year for wearing Issa. To my surprised she said she’d seen it. She then went onto tell me that it was actually her second choice as her first choice hadn’t arrived to her in time. InStyle recently did a feature on her and Kate Middleton wearing Issa dresses to which she joked, “who knew I would have something in common with Kate Middleton.”

The next time I saw her was at the Max Azria show. She came and said ‘hi’ to me telling me that she had been to so many shows that day and all she wanted to do at that point was eat a steak and potato. A girl after my own heart.

Mercedes Benz Star Lounge: The Star lounge was an invite only area which celebs go prior to shows and where fashion folk can mingle. It was in the fashion lounge that I got to meet my idol Iman.

In the lounge they served breakfast, lunch and dinner which came in handy in between shows when you didn’t have a chance to pop out to eat.

Bryan Boy: Every season Bryan Boy comes up with one gimmick to keep the paps happy. Last season it was Minnie Mouse ears, this season it was a full blown out Afro.

Catching up: Every season my blogging buddies and I promise to meet for drinks, coffee, dinner, but this season we actually did it. As the blogging world becomes increasing catty with egos going out of control and blogger agents trying cash in on the blogger phenomenon and promising bloggers things they don’t deliver, it was great to sit down with professional bloggers like Tina from Bag Snob who shares the same work ethic as me.

Making new friends: After having twitter conversations with so many people I’d never met before it was great finally meet them.

Reaching my 30k twitter followers goal: I set myself a personal goal to reach 30k twitter followers by the end of Fashion Week. I managed to do this by Wednesday the day before the end of the event thanks to extra support from my twitter followers the Fug Girls, Tom & Lorenzo and Bag Snob.

Being spotted: It was really nice that so many people I had never met before would say to me, “I love your blog.” It’s great that so many people appreciate my blog and take the time to tell me how much they appreciate my work.


Having to move hotel rooms: For the first time in my life I unpacked all my suitcases and put everything away nice and neatly. After all that effort I had to move rooms because my door wouldn’t close probably. Needless to say I then too tired to put in the same effort in the second room.

Celebs count: Fall fashion week is usually celeb light because of the cold weather. Michael Kors had the best front row. Like many others at fashion week I’m still wondering why Vanessa Hudgens attending so many shows.

Internet: For some reason the Internet was either very slow or didn’t work at all the first few days of fashion week. Us fashion folk seemed to put AT&T under a lot of pressure whilst blogging and tweeting.

Seat Stealer: Fashion Week is notorious for people taking seats not allocated to them. After working my way up from standing and paying my dues, my allocated seat is sacred especially after the mileage I travel in heels. On the last day of fashion week I asked the girl sitting in my seat at L.A.M.B. to vacate 4 times. She boldly refused. Eventually I got one of the PRs to move her.

Worst celeb: Alexa Chung. As you know I’m very critical of Alexa as I like my celebs to hit the red carpet with non-greasy hair. I met her in the Mercedes Benz Star Lounge before the Christian Siriano show. I asked to take a picture of her and she flatly refused. I took this gracefully as karma for being none too complimentary about her on my blog, but she did the same to at least 2 other people. For some who failed in the US she has a very snotty attitude. She should’ve been grateful I recognised here because many people didn’t.

Cold weather: I thought I was going to lose my fingers at one point to frost bite.