15.02.11 Best Dressed

Who Was Your Best Dressed At The 2011 Grammy Awards?

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Credit: Zuma Press & Getty

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Fall 2011

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Fall 2011

On Set With Leighton Meester Wearing Marchesa

On Set With Leighton Meester Wearing Marchesa

  • john doe

    jlo hands down for me

  • Sue Jin

    Nicole! ftw!

  • Shaina

    Rihanna. I didn’t even have to think twice.

  • Hannah

    Why wasn’t Selena Gomez on this list? I thought she looked AMAZING!

  • Jones19

    Nicole all the way. She hasn’t looked this good in years.

  • lianne

    Nicole and Rihanna! 🙂 and thanky for the coverage!!!

  • Marisa


  • Emi

    Since it’s not going to happen again, I voted for Rihanna, because the Dior dress is amazing. N. Kidman looked gorgeous but Rihanna’s dress really drew my attention.

  • Gaber

    Absolutely Lopez.

  • mol

    Rihanna as I just loved the drama and confidence of her in this dress….

  • pipsqueak

    I cannot believe my decision, but I voted for Rihanna. I’m usually not impressed with her at all, especially not during her red hair phase – she looked like a rooster. But this dress was really stunning and her hair looks much better now. Nicole Kidman was very close. She looked gorgeous. Above all, she has class and grace – both are seriously lacking in many Grammy attendees/nominees.

  • Nicole or Rihanna- that was a real tossup, but I ultimately went with Nicole. She just rocked this look- it was the best she’s looked in I don’t know how long.

  • Victoria

    Nicole Kidman with Julianne Hough as second! 😀

    Thank you for the coverage FC, hope you’re having tons of fun at fashion week! 🙂

  • Marta_EC

    La Kidman, but there is nothing that amazing compared to other years.

  • SydneyCheekyChic

    Nicole Kidman…. but i also would’ve loved to have seen Leanne Rimes here.. she looked stunning!!

  • Ethne Blist

    I voted for my girl Florence Welch! Who can wear Elie Saab like his favorite girl Florence? Florence and I have very similar styles so I am naturally drawn to what she wears and our mutual adoration of Elie Saab!

  • Raquel

    Honestly? NONE of them stands out for me. I’m voting JLo just because I think it’s classic, vintage diva JLo, with the sparks, the legs, the cleavage, the hair and the “This is how it’s done at the Grammys” attitude.

  • Catherine

    Have to say Nicole. Have never seen her look this amazing in quite a while!

  • PamG

    Rihanna looked amazing in Dior, and the fire/flower interplay was clever.

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