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I didn’t get Katy Perry’s Giorgio Armani look at the 2011 Grammy Awards.

Many people I have spoken to today have suggested that it could be one of the look Lady GaGa rejected last year, but I don’t see GaGa wearing this.

My biggest question was why was her grandmother there?

I just didn’t get any of it.

Heidi Klum looked stunning wearing a gold sequined Julien MacDonald cold-shoulder gown.

Selena Gomez worked the trend of the night metallic gold, wearing a J. Mendel Spring 2011 gown

She added a Judith Leiber embellished clutch and Lorraine Schwartz jewels. She looks nice, but I found myself saying next when I saw her on the red carpet. She should’ve worn her previous Reem Acra look for this event.

Julianne Hough was a breath of fresh air on this red carpet, opted for a pretty Malandrino dress.

Her chiffon deep v print gown with ruffle shoulders was paired with a gold Jimmy Choo ‘Tube’ clutch.

Leann Rimes looked sensational wearing a gold sequined Reem Acra dress.

She completed her look with sleek pulled back hair and gold accessories.

Eva Longoria was easily my worst dress at the Grammys’.

She wore black and ivory satin Ashi ensemble which didn’t flatter her and totally overwhelmed her.

A sleek bun and black satin Brian Atwood heels complete this look.

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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Fall 2011

  • hally

    selena was too simple for 1st grammys….i expected some bling and spark..she looked too old.

  • katy perry is just horrible.

  • Shaina

    Leann Rimes was one of my favorites on the red carpet. Her dress is so beautiful and she pulls it off effortlessly.

  • Hannah

    I wasn;t a fan of teh katy perry dress either. It looked so incredibly cheap, like something Kesha wouldv’e inevitably made at home. I didn’t get the grandmother either but she did at least look pretty chic. I really hate the print of Julianne’s dress, but I lvoed the look, it was very refreshing to look at as you said. I think LEanne’s dress would’ve worked pre surgery, and looked to similar to Kim Kardashian’s dress, and it was embarassing that Eva Longoria wore a less dressy version of what giuliana rancic wore. Why was she even there?

  • ShoeGal

    I love Katy’s performance dress but the red carpet wings I was lost on. I do get why her grandmother was there. it was Katy’s first Grammys being nominated for such big catergories and she wanted to share the evening with her family. I think it is absolutley adorable. And not something you see from may young stars.

    I do not get all the fuss over Selena Gomez. She looked like every other star at any event. Loose waves,slinky dress. I think she is still trying to look 25 and it is not working for her.

    I must say Kim Kardashian was totally overlooked and I myself thought she looked FABULOUS. Exactly the way one should appear at the Grammys. Total golden goddess.

  • Fanny

    Julianna for BDOT pleease??

  • Alina

    I love Julianne’s look. It’s so beautiful!

  • Jones19

    Leann’s Reem Acra looks a lot like J.Lo’s Marchesa from the Globes a couple of years ago. Anyway I’m loving all the looks here except for Eva, what happened there? jeez

  • robbie

    katy, what a fugly “dress” can that even be described as a dress it looks like a bra with scrap material attanched to it.

    heidi, its nice but nothing overly special.

    selena, looks just like vanessa hudgens.

    julianne, for once she doesnt look like a barbie.

    leann, quite pretty although it looks like something jenny “from the block” lopez rejected.

    eva, *yawn* same old same with her and the shoes FUGLY!

  • Lara

    Selena Gomez was my absolute favourite of the night! I thought Heidi looked ill-shaped in her dress. Eva’s hair was a long ponytail from what I remember, not a bun.

  • Melany

    I meant “BROUGHT her grandmother to the awards show!” 🙂

  • Melany

    Katy Perry’s dress is a stir fried disaster!

    I think it’s awesome she bought her grandmother to the awards show. Rock on, GrandMa! 🙂

  • Femme

    I can’t believe how other websites say that Katy’s “dress” looks amazing, it’s horendous! I think this is going to be the ugliest dress of the year ’cause you can’t make it look good either with accesories etc.

  • Lou

    Oh no, this is like finding out it was my mother putting money under my pillow and not the tooth fairy, Is Fashion Critic ageist?The Grammys red carpet is almost famous for the acts bringing their family members onto it, its a real celebration of their hard work and they often want to share it with their loved ones. In fact all types of celebrities do it on their red carpets. Is it all family members that Fashion Critic objects to?i mean thats still weird and judgemental(who are any of us to tell others who they bring along to these events,even onto that hallowed red carpet) but i have never read her giving out about it before,maybe she has.

  • Marvel

    My fav here is Selena. The only one who managed to look classy compared to all the other people on this post

  • Emi

    I can’t believe that that orrible dress was designed by Giorgio Armani… Also she shines too much, her skin matches the fabric of the dress, bad effect. Eva Longoria is often described as a fashion icon. It’s a mystery.

  • Sara

    Finally, I see the supermodel in Heidi Klum. She looks absolutely stunning!

    On another note, who on earth does Eva Longoria’s makeup? What’s with the constant OD of under-eye concealer?

  • june

    julianne hough’s dress is the same as lea michele’s dress from the sag awards last year but in another colour/print. i loved it in the green, but it’s exceptionally pretty in this print as well.

  • Sonia

    What is so wrong with Katy bringing her grandmother to the event? Why is it weird celebrities want to take their loved ones to events?

    Selena is so boring all the time. Miley was a lot better because she tried to take a fashion risk. Selena just holds on to the true blue style and is holding on for dear life whereas Miley tries experimenting with different styles.

  • Lisa

    julianne is my favorite at the grammy’s!! so gorgeous

  • kelly

    Heidi and Eva looked beautiful. I find Selena Gomez’s choices to be so bland and safe, always boring. I preferred Miley Cyrus’ choice who is always unpredictable and interesting.

  • Ethne Blist

    Katy’s look is awful and trashy. She must get over this vegas girl whore look soon
    Julianne for BDOTW! Fabulous!
    LeeAnn looks GORGEOUS. OMG.
    I don’t mind Eva’s look really. It’s ok.
    Selena Gomez knows how to bore us. YAWWWWN. Horrible extensions too.

  • Sofie

    Found the picture
    paris hilton wore it first in Cannes:

  • mika

    did Paris Hilton wear that Julian MacDonald dress ( worn by Heidi here ) at Cannes a few years back?

    • crazyme47

      Yes!! That what I think when I saw Heidi.
      It’s the same dress that paris hilton wore at cannes.

    • aurélien

      Yes, it was in 2005.
      She looked great, and although I prefer her shoe choice, I will give it to Heidi for her simplicity.

  • Sofie

    Is it me or Paris Hilton wore a similar gown to heidi’s gown a few years before to a movie premiere?, I remember the gown for the sequined gold and cold shoulders

    • noo

      alot of these dresses were deja vu, julianne’s dress was worn in green by lea michelle, selena’s dress is one that we’ve seen soooo many times, and i don’t lnow if you’ve seen kim kardashian’s dress but it reminds me of the gold marchesa that j lo wore a few years back

    • HM

      Exactly what I was thinking! Paris wore it to Cannes Film Festival a few years back didn’t she? They both look good though.

      • J

        i don’t know… heidi looks amazing, she fills the dress well, she carries it well, her hair is up, the nude make up is gorgeous. paris, what with the hair, the pout, the wonky eye, the contacts, she cheapens the dress. i don’t like it on her at all.

  • Ella

    I agree with you–Julianne was a breath of fresh air! Leanne had way too austere of make-up….and Eva, well, she didn’t look terrible (but awful in comparison to her Golden Globes look)

  • jui ho

    Le Ann Rimes looked emaciated! Anyone wanna chip in?

    Ladies ….we have a “model” in the making!

    • J

      i was just thinking that! the arms… omg…

  • mol

    Wow on Heidi Klum and for the first time ever, I like how Julieanne Hough looked.

  • molly

    I loved Katy Perrys look. It was really fun and very Katy. She brought her Grandma as a 90th birthday present. The interview together was super cute.
    Selena-I love the dress, but shes worn it so much that I wasnt interested.
    Julianne- Lovely. Not bad considering she didnt have a dress until yesterday morining, but this is the same dress that Lea Michele wore to the SAG awards last year. I prefer it on Lea.
    Leanne- she looked good, but that makeup is horrible. She always has eye makeup thats way too severe.
    Eva-im not even going to comment …just…no:(

  • JayMaz

    Katy Perry invited her Grammy to the Grammys as her guest, I don’t get how thats confusing, people bring their family members/partners all the time.

    • Fashion Critic

      fine but they are not getting so much camera time and did she really need to be dressed by Armani also? So cheesey imo

      • noo

        my real problem with them was that they all looked so horrible i couldn’t believe they were wearing armani :S

      • Kate McCarthy

        Oh how you make me LOL.Katy Perry is the epitome of an attention seeker, i mean her Georges Hobeika dress in Mexico was beyond vulgar but fine whatever,shes a popstar, but jeesh she brings her granny to the event and you start with the negativity? ,whats your issue with the woman also being dressed by Armani.shes 90 years old,if i live to that age and by a billion to one chance my future granddaughter or grandson is one of the biggest popstars in the world,maybe i will rock on up the red carpet,decked out in designer clothes and beaming with pride too!!!why would you even waste your time commenting on this and your complaint was she was getting too much camera time and now ur giving her more attention!!!!

      • CiCi

        You tell ’em Fashion Critic, you tell ’em!90 year old women on the red carpet is obviously something that needs to be addressed and her being dressed in Armani too -so cheesy. you have certainly got your priorities straight, good to stamp this sort of behaviour out, we dont want the elderly to be getting any ideas.

  • VB Lover

    Katy Perry’s gradma was there because it was her 90th birthday. There was a story on about it.

  • Cici

    Katy brought her grandmother because she wanted to see the performance. Katy said whether she won or lost “at least I’m going home with my grammy.” That’s why she took her. 🙂

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