Nicole Kidman In Jean Paul Gaultier Couture – 2011 Grammy Awards

Best Dressed Award
I would never have expected to crown Nicole Kidman Best Dressed at the 2011 Grammy Awards, but she totally blew me away.

She’s appears to be back to her best.

We’ve been sensing from her recent red carpet looks that she’s loving dressing up on the red carpet again.

This strapless floral Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011 Couture mermaid gown actually manages to give Nicole some curves.

She was radiant on the red carpet. I can’t help revisiting this picture.

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Rihanna In Jean Paul Gaultier Couture - 2011 Grammy Awards

Rihanna In Jean Paul Gaultier Couture – 2011 Grammy Awards

Nicki Minaj In Givenchy Couture - 2011 Grammy Awards

Nicki Minaj In Givenchy Couture – 2011 Grammy Awards

  • mochababe73

    I agree that she looks stunning. I love the dress, and it’s about time that Nicole got her mojo back.

  • Hannah

    I know it has been said by basically everyone already, but she looks gorgeous! Everything works here, for the first time in ages. She looks even better than the runway.

  • Lee Ann

    Best dressed of the week!

  • smolls

    Stunning! She looks amazing…yay!!

  • dee

    She looks incredible.

  • Joel

    absolutely fabulous.

  • nina

    She looks amazing!Hope it will continue!

  • this is perfect, an amazing dress that makes her look like an hourglass, and her loose hair is a perfect contrast to the drama of the dress.

  • Alina

    WOW ! Just…WOW !

  • I couldn’t agree with you more! Nicole was amazing! def BDOTW for me

  • Alice

    OMG!!! BDOTW! She´s breath-taking! Amazing!

  • nueng0908

    She look so amazing.
    I’m so exited for the Oscar.

  • Joy


  • Nia

    Good for her. I’ve always been a fan of her fashion style and it’s nice to see she is finally returning to her magnificent self.

  • Alexandra

    In Poland we say “the old love doesn’t rust” and it’s clearly the case when it comes to Nicole and JPG. back to her best, absolutely stunning! i would love to see more of this attitude and fabulousity from her and no more boring l’wren scott dresses….

  • When I saw her last night I screamed. She was so perfect, best look of the night!

  • Jones19

    Wow Nicole is back! She looks gorgeous.

  • Joy

    Magnificent look, reminds me of ”old” Nicole.

  • Marvel


    This is AMAZING

    Im kinda disappointed that she didnt save this for the Oscars. Because she’s worn this look she HAS to top the Oscar! An AMAZING look from her

  • robbie

    INCREDIBLE! thank god nicole is back to her best i really hope it doesnt end here.

  • Emi

    She’s breathtaking… One of her best looks, most of all because of her hair color, very beautiful. BDOTW contender.

  • nicky

    she looks amazing!!
    everything is perfect about this look…even her hair is! please wow us again at the oscars…!

  • Andreea

    Yeeey ! Finally ! She looks stunning.

  • Ines

    Thanks heaven she was there. Most of the guess were really hot mess yesterday..

  • OMG.. wat an awesome pic… she beat them all including JLo….. BDOTW… may even consider BDOTY… wat do u say FC? chances of BDOTY??
    its funny to see her and rihanna side by side in the same collection…. one dress is so attention seeking.. the other so elegant and classy

  • she’s definitely tapping into the old nicole kidman who we treasured as the belle of the red carpet and the frequent coverstar of american vogue. this is how one should wear gaultier couture. it’s tasteful, age-appropriate, yet still fashion forward and unconventional.

  • roxana

    great look!

  • karen

    I was shocked to see her looking good on the red carpet too! Go Nicole.

  • mol

    She looks awesome and she knows it – she was having fun tonight, whenever they showed her on camera she was digging the music…..bdotw worthy for sure…

  • Sharon

    Not only does she look fantastic, she looks so happy! It’s great to see Nicole all dressed up. smiling and laughing with her gorgeous husband. Apparently life is good for the Kidman-Urbans, and it shows.

  • CreoleLady

    Nicole – best dressed. RiRi – best undressed. Am in complete agreement with your assessment of both women. This year’s Grammys was full of surprises and a lot of fun fashion-wise.

  • Ella

    OMG!!!!!! Nicole finally looks amazing! She looks incredible. I hereby nominate her for BDOTW!! I mean, she looks gorgeous–and hasn’t in a while.

    • KateS

      x 2! My jaw literally dropped when I saw this. She’s in a stunning dress and is working it – hooray!

  • lily

    She looks like a Grammy 🙂
    More than amazing, she is really a beautiful woman.

  • Dirk


    omg, a huge smile came on my face when i saw this. She’s back to being fantastic. I wish i could give her a hug.

  • Naomi

    wow, that’s the best she looked in AGES. She looks great, and that is one gorgeous dress. Love the colors.

  • Yaas

    Breath-taking and stunning! Well done Nicole!

  • Thomas Monks

    I hope this is her showing she can pull this collection off cuz my oscar wish for her is the purple chiffon tired column gown from this collection

  • Shaina

    As soon as I saw her on the red carpet, my jaw dropped to the keyboard! This is the best I have ever seen her and she seems to have a lot of confidence wearing this.

  • Alfie

    OMG! She looks AMAZING! Who would have thought! She is OWNING IT!

    I can’t wait for the Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow ID’s!

  • Danika

    Totally agree FC she looks great, fresh, beautiful and happy.

  • libbyloo

    This made my mouth literally fall to the floor. STUNNING. I don’t think Kidman has worn JPG since the 90s?!

    My god, this has me so excited to see what she has in store for the Oscars. Don’t disappoint, girl!

    • Paulo

      She wore Gaultier a lot in the early 2000s. She was wearing Gaultier Couture when she won the Oscar in 2003. 🙂

  • Sher

    I’m with you FC – I can’t stop looking at her pics. Stunning. BD for sure. So happy Nicole is back!

  • Paulo

    Yes, yes, yes! When I saw Nicole, I was so hoping that her look would get your approval. I’m so glad to hear that she’s your best dressed!

    Nicole and Gaultier have always been a winning combination!

  • FashionLover

    I agree… Love this dress on Nicole!
    Just gets my hopes up for the Oscars 🙂

  • Marlyn

    I agree definitely best dressed. Haven’t seen her look this good in a very long time. Hopefully it is a sign of good fashion to come

  • Ala

    This was my best dressed of the night as well… I had a feeling it’d be yours too! 🙂 she looks ah-may-zing!

  • Ethne Blist

    BDOTW. Thank god it’s not L’Wren Scott.She is gorgeous here.

    • Danielle


    • Linda


  • Bruno

    I’m a brazilian fan of your blog and I was expecting your post about Nicole Kidman. For me, it’s her best in a long while.

    • Bruno

      Waiting for the Oscars!

    • Fashion Critic

      for a very long while.

      Thanks Bruno.

  • All the colors of the dress are great on Nicole. Combined it’s so stunning I almost don’t have words for it. The best 2011 Awards Season look for her easily. She was gorgeous. A worthy best dressed!

  • Pam

    When I saw her, I knew you would love this look! She looks amazing, especially with her hair back to this color.

    • Fashion Critic

      I got chills…best look from her in a very long while

      • mm

        You took the words right out my mouth. Where has this Nicole been. I guess the new baby has added new joy in her life. I hope she keeps this up!

        • Pam

          I totally agree with Pam’s comment! I went to comment and see that someone with the same name already stated my sentiments. Should I change my name?!

          • Fashion Critic

            if you like 🙂

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