Miley Cyrus In Roberto Cavalli – 2011 Grammy Awards

On The Fence Award
Miley Cyrus attended the 2011 Grammy Awards in LA last night.

She wore a full sequined Roberto Cavalli animal print gown with lace up detailing from the Spring 2011 collection.

I don’t know if I dislike this look, or think it’s perfect for the occasion. It’s a very fine line.

It’s the Grammy’s so she should be more dramatic with her red carpet look.

Sergio Rossi heels plus Ofira and Lorraine Schwartz jewels completed her look.

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37 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus In Roberto Cavalli – 2011 Grammy Awards

  1. Alèxia

    Dunno why, I hate everything about this look: from the hair (that looks like a cow leak it, btw), to the dress, even though it’s a Cavalli. Her last two appearances have been a big fail, imo.

  2. Ethne Blist

    The dress is hanging low on Miley- especially low on her…bosom, but her hair is covering it. The dress should have hung like the runway. But I do like how the stitches were hidden to make it less trashy, unlike the runway.

  3. Laura

    It’s okay. Not the most flattering, and the hair extensions are awful. But better than Miley’s worn in the past. I liked the Herve Leger she wore last year better though.

  4. Lisa

    I like it. I especially like the way she has added the vest underneath to make it a little more age appropriate. She has taken a look from the runway and made it her own. Never thought I would say that about her.

  5. kelly

    I think she looked unique on the carpet and the dress was rock star but still young. It’s the same dress from her Marie Claire spread. Love her hair. The cleavage doesn’t offend me because she’s an adult and it was tailored properly to avoid slips.

    1. KateS

      LOL! You’re so right – very last-decade WAG. The dress is way too old for her and those awful extensions have to go.

  6. Megan

    I couldn’t decide who was worst dressed her or Kim K probably because I can’t decide who looked trashier. On the runway the dress looks good but on miley it’s a disgrace

  7. Hannah

    WRONG, wrong wrong wrong. I hated this. I thought it looked really ill fitting, she should ahve worn spanx firstly. It didn;t flow like it seems to have on the runway. I hated teh fitting at the boobs, they looked wrong, especailly from teh side, with them slightly spillign out in a non-intentional just ‘bad dress’ way. I hate the desperate tramping up of this dress with the bangles, I detest the hair, it is so many wierd colours and it looked like a wig that shrunk, the shapea around the top of ehr head was bizarre. I really dislike the nail polish, and the makeup adn the fact she very obviously had lipstick on her teeth during her E! interview, and the fact she stands like a man. Posture and delicacy as well as non tacky hair and makeup would have been miley’s ticket with this dress imo.
    Ps sorry about that rant.

  8. mochababe73

    I like the runway version better.
    Miley’s dress is either too big or just not flattering on her figure. I agree that I’m on the fence as well.

  9. taylor

    She looks so beautiful. I don’t see how anyone can even say this is trashy. So gorgeous, and I love the hair.

  10. Cheryl

    If you watched E!’s Redcarpet coverage of the Grammys, you’ll notice during her interview, her boobs didn’t have support and were almost hanging out of the deep slashes on the sides of the dress. Also, her new tattoo on her right rib was showing through. Arghhh!!!

  11. Saara

    Although the dress is on the fence, I think the runway model totally owns it. Miley falls faaaar behind, unfortunately.

  12. Emi

    I really dislike it, she’s trashy. Also the dress fits her bad, and it lost the details of the laces and we all know that she doesn’t mind to show her body, so I don’t understand this modification. I don’t like her, she’s a miracled girl. Am I the only one (ok, I know it’s a bit mean) who thinks that she looks like Chucky, the killer doll?

  13. ferne

    personally i don’t hate it too much but if you see her side, half of her boobs are hanging out….
    not that it matters to her since it’s nothing she hasn’t done before

  14. Michelle

    Jeez, that black linear detail is making her look as big as a house in the hip area. And we all know she has a perfectly cute little figure, so for her to look *that* wide in the hips, is just a big fail.

  15. Shaina

    I don’t like the hair, fit, or accessories. And from the little bit of the shoes that I can see…I don’t like it either.
    I think if she styled it differently and got a fit that wasn’t overwhelming, she would look better.

    But OMG, that hair…
    It’s too much.

  16. Cecilia

    I like the fact that she modified the dress slightly to make it more “ageappropriate”, and honestly i LOVE the dress. But i hate the dress on her. On the Marie Claire cover i think the dress is beautiful but on this occasion the dress just doesn’t fit right on her.


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