It’s that time again.

New York Fashion Week kicks off on Thursday, but I will be leaving today to get there before the next predicted snow storm this weekend which delayed my flight last year.

I have back to back shows each day, but I won’t neglect you as I will still update several times daily as I’m staying at the Empire Hotel (yes Chuck Bass’ hotel) which is right next door to the Lincoln Center.

I will be carrying my iPad everywhere, so make sure you follow me on twitter to find out who’s in the front row and to see the latest collections as they take the runway via twipics.

As you are reading this I will already be in the air sipping champagne in Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class cabin with fellow London to New York fashion bloggers StyleNoir and Style Cartel.

Many of you ask me every season to show you what I wear to the shows.

These season my friends at have put together a New York Fashion Week capsule collection which I’m very excited about. So I will be adding a new feature during Fashion Week simply called, “What I Wore Today” which I hope you will enjoy.

See you on the other side.

FC x