Nicole Kidman In YSL – Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon

Finally Nicole Kidman seems to be having fun on the red carpet again.

We all had the impression that she just wasn’t that into fashion anymore, but she proves us wrong by wearing this papaya YSL Spring 2011 dress.

She wore the dress to the 83rd Academy Awards nominations luncheon at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California this afternoon.

The YSL halter silk chiffon bow blouse dress with a black fingerprint motif and flounce hem was paired with orange strappy Pierre Hardy heels.

This modern dress was slightly toned down as Nicole opted for her dress not to have such a deep plunge.

I can’t find fault with this look. In fact I love it.

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32 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman In YSL – Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon

  1. KateS

    The pussy-bow with the higher neckline is a little twee, which is my main complaint with her RC outfits, but the colour and the shoes are great, so it’s a big improvement over recent efforts.

  2. Dirk

    YES! geez, it’s about time. I was scrolling down the page with all the other white dresses, and i’m was pretty sure when i saw her name, she’d be wearing the same so this was a great surprise.

    Never go back to blonde, Nicole. NEVER!

  3. Ethne Blist

    I wish she kept it like the runway and kept its sexiness. She looks great though- her hair included!

  4. Yaas

    I know I may be the only one, but I really loved her Golden Globes and Sag’s looks (definitely in my top 5′s), so this is the third in a row. I am also so happy about this new hair style direction, because aside from those dresses in recent 2-3 years, most of the time I didn’t like the same one-piece-left-framing -one side style.

  5. Raquel

    Ohh, some improvemebnt there!! I wish she had done something with her hair, but it is a huuge step in the right direction!

  6. Laura

    Wish she didn’t always cut off her neck like that. Just because she’s tall enough to doesn’t mean that she should. Still, I hardly notice that because this is such an improvement. Such a bold print and not an easy color for her to wear, but she pulls it off and then some. Best dressed of the event to me.

  7. Fiona

    Love it love it. I am sure it looked great as she moved too with that flippy hem, very nice. Wish she’d gone slightly deeper neckline to show off the pussycat bow, but overall fabulous, especially amongst all the white dresses.

  8. nicky

    she looks really fabulouss! love the colour and design. she couldve pulled off the whole runway look but definitely not very event appropiate. please wow us at the oscars nicole!

  9. anne

    Love it! I don t think she should have styled it like on the runway given the event. The sexy touch comes from the beautiful shoes so she doesn t need that much exposure in the top part. The colour is gorgeuos and it compliments her hair. All in all a great look from Nicole. Let’s hope she keeps it up!

  10. Sharon

    Saw this yesterday and was hoping you would feature it. I love the color on Nicole and envy her long, lean figure that’s shown to perfection in this dress.

  11. mochababe73

    I am NOT a fan of Nicole’s style, but I love this dress on her. She wears it well because she’s so tall. The color looks good against her skin tone.


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