Kate Mara In Herve Leger by Max Azria – 2011 SAG Awards

Worst Dressed Award
I wasn’t particularly blown away by the looks at the 2011 SAG Awards last night.

There were a lot of meh, just OK looks, but Kate Mara’s Herve Leger by Max Azria Spring 2011 gown caught my eye for all the wrong reasons.

I had a feeling this dress wouldn’t translate well off the runway, and that thought has been proved to right.

The dress makes her appear wider than she is and it’s very unflattering.

Her look was paired with a BCBG MAx Azria clutch.

Credit: Style.com & Zuma Press

16 thoughts on “Kate Mara In Herve Leger by Max Azria – 2011 SAG Awards

    1. Anita

      Yep! its definetly the headband. Plus the fact that shes not owning the look – shes not diva enough for it lol

  1. Jones19

    Oh good lord…yes I agree, I saw the back of this dress in a photo of Dianna Agron and wondered who was wearing it. Looks terrible on her.

  2. robbie

    terrible looking dress, both on the runway and on her. but least on the model she has the height to almost pull it off.

  3. Ethne Blist

    I just have a thing against Herve Leger on someone like Kate Mara (respectable) and also on a respected red carpet like the SAGs. I actually think she look nice. I just don’t like this brand as a gown and as a red carpet look. Herve Leger to me should be for a night clubbing with the girls or a sexy night out with your man.

  4. Cristina

    It just takes a certain type of woman to wear a HL dress. In my wildest dreams, I would never say that Kate Mara is one of them.

  5. Hannah

    She really did not help herself with the headband-it doesn;t even coordinate with the neautral colour sof the dress.

  6. mochababe73

    I think that her bad posture doesn’t help this look at all. She doesn’t look confident in the look nor does she look comfortable. The headband makes her look as though she’s in elementary school. I take that back. I teach elementary, and those girls wouldn’t dare wear this.
    I think that the dress is too long. The ruffles are not hitting her in the same spot as the model.
    It’s amazing how someone as curvy as Kim Kardashian can wear Leger and not look wide. Kate looks wide.


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