Julianna Margulies In YSL – 2011 SAG Awards

Thank God It’s Not Black Award
Julianna Margulies was thankfully not wearing black on the red carpet at the 2011 SAG Awards.

Just when all of Julianna’s looks were starting to roll into one she took my breath away wearing a Bordeaux YSL strapless draped gown.

She paired her dress with stunning earrings, a gold trimmed YSL clutch and a Bavna ring.

This is the first time in a while that Julianna has stood out for me on the red carpet.

Credit: Leonard Ortiz/

Dianna Agron In Vintage Chanel - 2011 SAG Awards

Dianna Agron In Vintage Chanel – 2011 SAG Awards

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34 Responses to Julianna Margulies In YSL – 2011 SAG Awards

  1. samaira January 31, 2011 at 13:51 #

    Hah, for a minute there I thought she is holding two clutches… silly me.

  2. Rachel January 31, 2011 at 13:11 #

    Super classy look!Love the dress and the earings are to die for!

  3. Marvel January 31, 2011 at 12:43 #

    Didnt expect this from her but she looks AMAZING

  4. Elle_gb January 31, 2011 at 12:14 #

    Simplicity is the best still working as always, she just let the dress tells a story.

  5. Joy January 31, 2011 at 11:57 #

    Lovely, but hasn’t she worn similar style dresses a lot? It just feels very safe even if it is red.

  6. Emi January 31, 2011 at 10:41 #

    I don’t like the earrings but I love this look, the dress is gorgeous, the color is beautiful.

  7. D January 31, 2011 at 10:10 #

    hair back, big earrings and a red long dress, matching hair/earing colour clutch, well done x

  8. Pati January 31, 2011 at 08:07 #

    FC will you please feature Sofia Vergara? She looked stunning and she appers to be the sweetest person ever!

  9. nicole January 31, 2011 at 07:47 #

    sooooo amazing. . love the styling.

  10. Marlie January 31, 2011 at 07:43 #

    She looks so elegant. Really loving the simplicity of this look. The colour really softens her face

  11. Gretta January 31, 2011 at 07:34 #

    Think this is my favourite look so far. So much class. She looks beautiful. Colour is sumptuous!

  12. Pati January 31, 2011 at 07:21 #

    I love it. Pure elegance!

  13. Ariel January 31, 2011 at 06:12 #

    Simple and elegant.

  14. rjp January 31, 2011 at 05:55 #

    Thought she look beautiful.

  15. Alina January 31, 2011 at 05:14 #

    Beautiful! Maybe I would have liked her hair in a more loose updo but she looks beautiful anyway.

  16. Ev January 31, 2011 at 05:03 #

    She’s the best dress at the SAGs for me. The gown is beyound gorgeous, and the styling is fabulous! I am so happy it’s not something dark.

  17. bisk January 31, 2011 at 04:20 #

    Beautiful, but there’s something off that I can’t put my finger on. Her smile? Like she’s concentrating too hard? or she looks worried?

    Don’t worry! Your show is wonderful!

  18. Alicat January 31, 2011 at 03:53 #

    Magnificent. Perfect fit and styling. Love the colour. At first I thought she needed something around her neck, but on second thoughts, it is better to let the dress speak.

  19. Vidhya January 31, 2011 at 03:31 #

    This is the best look I’ve seen so far… such a beautiful colour and those earrings r to die for.. so beautiful

  20. Teleholic January 31, 2011 at 03:18 #

    FC, do you watch The Good Wife? I think you’d like it. Totally off topic but Julianna owns the show so I always have some sort of bias when I look at her fashion choices.

    • Fashion Critic January 31, 2011 at 08:15 #

      It’s one of my favourite shows

  21. Amber January 31, 2011 at 03:13 #

    yup, the best she has looked for awhile.

  22. rebecca January 31, 2011 at 03:10 #

    she looks fab!

  23. mol January 31, 2011 at 03:09 #

    Very beautiful, loved the earrings, the scuttlebutt is she’s possibly preggers, if so that only adds the crop of those with bumps in their tummies this awards season…

  24. pipsqueak January 31, 2011 at 03:05 #

    Gorgeous! Enough with Narciso Rodrigez. YSL is such an upgrade and refreshing choice!

  25. Zina January 31, 2011 at 02:55 #

    I totally agree with Hannah that its her who makes the dress look good. Well observed! Love the fact that she doesnt have much make-up would have ruined the whole look otherwise.

  26. Jones19 January 31, 2011 at 02:50 #

    Julianna hasn’t looked this good in forever.

  27. mochababe73 January 31, 2011 at 02:43 #

    The color is beautiful on her. I like that she kept everything minimal and pulled her hair back.
    My only complaint is that it feels like she needed a cuff or a bracelet.

  28. @BenDeGracia January 31, 2011 at 02:40 #

    She looks so perfect with the dress but i dont like the hair and the jewelry

  29. Linda January 31, 2011 at 02:39 #

    Yeah, she looks amazing! One of the best dressed. Everything came together. It’s effortlessly stunning.

  30. Alyson January 31, 2011 at 02:36 #

    Love, love, love. I think she is the personification of elegance here. And the color’s fabulous on her.

  31. Laura January 31, 2011 at 02:21 #

    Loved this look. The draping is beautiful, and I loved the color. The jewelry was the perfect touch. This is a winner’s dress.

  32. Hannah January 31, 2011 at 02:18 #

    She really looked gorgeous. I loved ehr it is really her who is making the gown gorgeous as well. Few other people could pull this off quite like she did. The styling was perfection too.

    • Ethne Blist January 31, 2011 at 02:35 #

      I agree. On anyone else this would be boring.

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