Dianna Agron In Vintage Chanel – 2011 SAG Awards

Worst Make-Up Award
Dianna Agron was a very lucky girl to be wearing vintage Chanel at the 2011 SAG Awards tonight.

I love how the lace on her navy dress shimmers on the red carpet. This look is very elegant which Dianna carries so well for someone so young. For some reason I can picture this dress on Nicole Kidman.

She opted for a shorter tea-length hemline which showed off her black Ferragamo pumps.

I liked everything from the side-sweeping bun, but I didn’t like the make-up.

I see where she was going with the smoky eyes, but she didn’t quite get there.

Maybe it’s the pretty pink lips that threw the look off balance, maybe it’s the application or maybe we’re too used to seeing a different softer look on Dianna.

A black beaded Salvatore Ferragamo minaudière completed her look.

Credit: Leonard Ortiz/ZUMAPRESS.com

31 thoughts on “Dianna Agron In Vintage Chanel – 2011 SAG Awards

  1. Ella

    Dianna is one of my “crushes” on the red carpet. I love her every single time. This is no different—but I am really not feeling the hair. Actually, I like the “not so smoky eye” =)

  2. niya

    she looks pretty as always but i think this dress ages her a little and i would definately have preferred different shoes!

  3. Laura

    I really oved his look. The length and retro vibe were perfect. I’m with you on the makeup being a bit off. I would’ve liked to see a rouge, red lip with this look. But still, I really like this look.

  4. Ethne Blist

    I am not feeling this. I wanted her to grace a gown. This is too much of a cocktail event dress. I think it ages her. This just is not working for me.

  5. Hannah

    I prefered it on tv. Here the bust looks really badly fitted to me.I really hate to say this because I love diana and appreciate the effort, but It looked cheaper than chanel haute couture to me. I could easily picture this on nicole kidman way back when.Now I don’t know if she has the guts to pull off al four components: Strapless, shorter hemline (neither knee nor floor),lace and a bow.
    The makeup issue for me was that her brows are dark, and also that there seems to be a line under her eyes, which eithe ris bags the makeup accentuates, or is makeup, how far the makeup goes down under her eyes, and the fact that th einner rim is dark, which is unusual as it is usually a highlight.

  6. Alyson

    I don’t like the shoes, but the dress is beautiful. I think you’re right about the lip color being off, but love her hair here. Overall, it was nice to get a break from the pale-colored princessy gowns she usually goes for.

    1. KateS

      I agree, I thought this was refreshingly different for her but still cute and age appropriate, although the shoes are a bit blah.

  7. mochababe73

    Personally, I think that she looks as though she’s going to the prom. And what’s up with those shoes. It the red carpet at an awards show. Jazz it up!

  8. nicky

    kind of falls flat for me…the dress is beautiful but i don’t love it on dianna. her hair and makeup is quite off for me as well

  9. mol

    Her eyes do look slightly off and the dress does age her, but I love it all nevertheless…..can’t explain why, just do!

  10. Pam

    Beautiful and sophisticated. The length keeps it less formal and is appropriate for the SAGs. The accessories and jewelry compliment the look well. I guess the make-up keeps things modern. Though we aren’t used to seeing this look on Dianna, a classic red lippie and lighter eyes might be too cliche.

  11. Marlie

    I’m not liking this look at all. Her makeup is too harsh for this look. Also not really liking her choice of shoes. It’s all too heavy

  12. Marvel

    I like it. Yes its not the usual DIsney princess look we normally get from her, which shows that she’s mixing it up a bit. I think the only thing worth complaining is the shoes, too heavy and some strappies would have been better

  13. Gabriella

    Clearly, you didn’t see Paz de la Huerta’s make up.

    This is really pretty, I think. If she did full smokey eye it would’ve been wayyyy too much.

  14. Stephanie

    i also wasn’t feeling the makeup as well. it’s a shame b/c she’s naturally so pretty! i’ve seen her in dramatic looks that are much better than this one.


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