Cameron Diaz In Elie Saab – Elie Saab Private Dinner Party

I was invited to the Elie Saab Private Dinner Party following his Spring 2011 Couture fashion show, but I received the invitation after I had already booked my return Eurostar ticket back to London on the night of the party.

After kicking myself really hard for my error, my disappointment grew further when I saw this picture of Cameron Diaz hanging out at Mr Saab’s crib last night.

Cameron has been in Paris all week with her boyfriend A-Rod, but she hasn’t attended any Couture Fashion Shows.

Is she in town for Oscar fittings???

I guess we will have to see. But I’m already mentally making my Cameron D/Elie Saab wish list now.

I can’t recall Cameron ever wearing Elie Saab, so I’m excited to see her wearing a teal blue pencil dress from the designers Fall 2010 collection.

I’m thinking she wore this dress with nude pumps, what do you think?

Credit: Maria, & Jean Picon

31 thoughts on “Cameron Diaz In Elie Saab – Elie Saab Private Dinner Party

  1. Elaine

    Love love love this on her – colour is fab on her, I’m so sad4u that you missed the dinner party tho :-( kudos on the invite tho!!

  2. Anita

    It looks nice on her from what you can see. Her skin looks damaged, especially around the chest area. Too many sunny holidays.

  3. Moxie

    I think I’d have eaten the cost of rebooking the ticket if I’d been you. How sad you had to miss the party!

  4. Tania

    I think she wore that dress with black pumps because she is a RZ client! So sorry that you missed the dinner, that was the first Elle Saab dinner party invite of many!

    I hope she wears a Elle Saab dress to the Oscars so excited at the possibility!

  5. Teleholic

    Aww! He’s your favorite! I’m so sorry, FC! But there’ll be millions of chances in the future for you, no doubt about that.

  6. Marvel

    Cameron in Ellie Saab would be AMAZING!!

    Although the cynic inside me is thinking that Rachel Zoe (I dont think) has ever dressed her clients in Elie Saab so I doubt it but would LOVE for it to happen

      1. Bella

        Unfortunately in that article she says she has no plans to attend the Oscars – hopefully she changes her mind since she said Elie Saab would be a contender!
        I was expecting her at the Golden Globes but she didn’t attend, so here is hoping she goes to the Oscars! *fingers crossed*

  7. Bella

    Ugh! That is too bad you missed the party!! :( Better luck next time!

    Love this dress on Cameron! The color looks good on her with her glowing tan skin, blue eyes, pink lip and blonde hair. The one-shoulder also shows off her great arms. I wish there was a full picture to see her shoes and her great legs!
    I hope this is the start of Cameron wearing more Elie Saab!

  8. mochababe73

    I like this color on her. Shades of this kind of blue appear to be very popular.
    Cameron is an avid surfer and loves to do things outdoors. Sunscreen should be her best friend.

  9. D

    love the lip colour with this dress :)
    FC you should have stayed for the party and just rebook the ticket for the next day!! <3

  10. Emi

    This dress is so simple and beautiful, I love the light drapery of the sleeve. The color is beautiful, too. FC, couldn’t you try to change your train ticket and go to the party? maybe I would have done it. But you’ll have another chance, for sure.

  11. jenny w

    Almost cried for you when I read that you missed the party! Think I would have rather swam the channel home ha! But hey, at least you got to go to the runway show :)

    I’ve loved each one of the couture posts, think Elie and Stephane Rolland stole the show for me. What I’d give to just be in the same room as the black and cream Elie Saab gown! Exquisite.

  12. Lauren

    Elie saab is an absolute legend!
    i have been following his collections for 10 years now and he is so amazingly talented.

    Lebanese designers are really stepping it up they have this distinct “glamazonesque” feeling about them, their collections are distinctively lebanese

    aaaa i can go on and on

  13. Bella

    I just saw a full picture including shoes. It looks like she is wearing a pair of black stain peep-toes, I can’t see the heel or sole but my guess is Louboutins. I will send you an email. :)


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