21.01.11 In Her Closet

In Dita Von Teese’s Closet – Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Tote

Whilst most people go to gym in baggy sweatpants and their boyfriend’s t-shirts, Dita Von Teese still looked as chic as ever.

The Burlesque beauty was spotted leaving her pilates class in West Hollywood, CA looking absolutely divine yesterday.

I barely run brush through my hair when going to the gym, but Dita looked effortless wearing a black trench coat over black cropped leggings and ballet pumps.

What stands out from her look is her trademark red pout and her Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity tote.

The leopard-print tote with gold-tone chain top handles is accented with bow detail and patent leather trim.

Credit: Fame Pictures

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  • e

    i totally agree with alexandra (and dita!) – when i see this it reaffirms my attempts to look nice at all times, even at home on the weekends when no one sees me, or running to the groceries. getting out of daggy sweats and putting on neater, nicer clothes makes a difference to how you feel, your energy levels, as well as how others preceive and treat you! so i wholehartedly embrace this attitude.

  • Alexandra

    i never understood people who prance around in public in sweatpants… you don’t have to apply makeup and wear chic ensemble when going grocery shopping or to the gym, but is looking half-decent too much to ask? and because stars do it all the time (i particularly dont understand them because they know their photos will be all over the internet instantly!) it became acceptable. i hate this “trend”.
    and that makes me love Dita even more. chic but not try-hard. i’m trying to achieve her level of perfection every day! althought it always feels a little bit weird to see her in flats 😉

  • I remember in an interview she said, “… it is simply bad manners to not dress properly” and that she found it appaling that ‘stars’ would leave home in ripped t-shirts and people would consider it ok just because they are ‘stars’.

  • mochababe73

    I love it! I agree that if it were anyone else it would scream “trying too hard”. On Dita, it’s just fabulous.
    That particular Sweet Charity Tote is on my wish list.

  • Hannah

    I’m just going to pretend you didn’t say she had just been working out, and ignore the sign in the background.
    *sighs* .

  • Matt

    This is why I love this woman, when she goes to the gym like this, I just shrug and say “That’s Dita” It just seem so natural to her. but when anyone else does it (I.E Every kardashian) I just say “Ugh, Attention whore”

  • mol


  • Sharon

    Love this woman! No matter what she wears, she’s what I’d love to look like. Maybe next time around.

  • Why can’t I look like that when LEAVING the gym, instead of looking like a hot, sweaty mess. LOL!

    • Fashion Critic

      Ditto. She’s perfection

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