Michelle Williams In Christian Dior – “Blue Valentine” New York Screening

Michelle Williams has attended more “Blue Valentine” screenings than I’ve had hot dinners recently, but it’s yet another opportunity to see her in a pretty dress so I’m not complaining.

For this particular screening New York City last night, Michelle wore Christian Dior white strapless mini dress.

The actress has been wearing a lot of cream, ivory and white looks lately, so I’m glad she opted for purple Charlotte Olympia pumps.

Hopefully next time out we can see her explore other colours, as the winter white look is becoming a bit boring.

Credit: PiccApp/Getty

21 thoughts on “Michelle Williams In Christian Dior – “Blue Valentine” New York Screening

  1. michelle

    i strongly suggest she change a hair style. she is not that cute and neat enough with that hair style, which only makes her look older.

  2. SarahV

    Her face has been looking very strange and frozen in recent pics… I don’t even notice what she’s wearing :S

  3. Victor

    She looks awful in my opinion. Like trying hard to be “cute and young” in this mini-dress.
    Love the pumps, though.

  4. Moxie

    The shoes are the only thing I like about this look. Someone younger like Dakota could pull off that dress, but it doesn’t work on Michelle. The hair cut is fine, but that color is too pale for her.

  5. Ethne Blist

    Oh My God! So cute! I voted her best dressed of the day on instyle.com even though it was tough and I wouldn’t say BDOTW (but in my book), but isn’t she adorable? She met my dreams by wearing colored Charlotte Olympia pumps with a solid colored dress!

  6. cindy

    I really love her but I don’t like how she styles her hair lately. I’m so eager to see what she will wear to the Golden globes. She blew us away at the oscars a couple years ago and I hope she will again with her best actress nomination!

  7. Rach

    I’ve been amazed by how cold Michelle’s various red carpet outings for this film (and there have been many!) have left me, despite the obvious charms of most of the outfits. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s the hair.

    The colour doesn’t suit her, nor the style, and as many have already said it both ages her and washes her out. I know it was for a role and there isn’t much she can do about it but I can’t wait until it grows out and we get those cute blonde waves back!

  8. asherlev1

    She looks adorable. I just watched an interview of hers, and now, knowing a bit about her personality, it’s a lot easier to match the dresses to her. I think this is great.

  9. Hannah

    The sheos are divine, what a georgeous colour! I do love white, but it is still winter, deep and jewel colours just make me happier right now.The hair is really unappealing, esepcailly with those eyebrows.

  10. KateS

    lipstick? earrings? something? Love the colour of the shoes, but hate closed-toe shoes with short strapless dresses. Not a bad look, but it could have been so much better with more judicious accessorising.

  11. mochababe73

    I love the dress, but she has sucked the life out of it. I really like the shoes. It added a little oomph to the white.
    What I don’t like is the dress on her. How old is she because it’s something about her that makes her look older than what she is.

  12. Emi

    First of all, strapless dresses aren’t a good choice for her because to wear this kind of dress you need two things: beautiful shoulders and long neck. That’s true. Second, the size isn’t right, the color washes her out, also because of her hair color. A touch of color would have been a very good idea, for example lipstick or a jewel. The dress is cute, nothing more, I agree it would perfect for D. Fanning.


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