Kristen Bell In Stella McCartney – “Burlesque” London Premiere

Kristen Bell had two looks on the red carpet for last nights “Burlesque” London Premiere.

I mostly only saw her sensibly wearing a white Stella McCartney coat, which could’ve easily worked as a dress with a structured skirt.

In the picture above you can see she wore a Stella McCartney volume back dress from the Resort 2011 collection.

Her adorable botanical print dress was paired with eggplant satin Salvatore Ferragamo pumps.

I think she only removed her coat for about 2 minutes for these photos.

The things us girls have to do for fashion.

Credit:, PiccApp/PacificCoastNews & Getty

Christina Aguilera In Zuhair Murad - "Burlesque" London Premiere

Christina Aguilera In Zuhair Murad – “Burlesque” London Premiere

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  • Carolina

    The coat is gorgeous. The dress is just bleh. From behind it makes her back look HUGE.

  • mochababe73

    I love, love, love the coat and the dress. She looks fabulous.
    It’s amazing how Kristen, in my opinion, has been outshining Cher and Christina. And I say good for her.

  • SB

    the dress does her legs no favours.. Great coat, but don’t think it’s premiere appropriate.

  • Lina

    That coat is more than amazing! A BDOTW contender for sure!!!!

  • Hannah

    I love it both with and without the coat. That coat is to die for. However, this collectionhas not, in my eyes, translated well to red carpet, because in real life they are so earthy and artistic and just wonderful, and i feel they are being over glamourized, but I still commend Kristen for choosing it.

  • karen

    Put the coat back on is all I have to say.

  • asherlev1

    I like the coat more. It really looks very pretty.

  • Alina

    LOVE the second look!
    BDOTW worthy for me!

  • lily

    OMG the coat is fricking amazing.. I ljve in Indonesia which is tropical, I won’t need the coat but seriously I would buy it..

  • Gaber

    The coat could be my BDotW.

    I don’t care for the dress.

  • amber

    she’s been rocking a lot of amazing coats during this tour.

  • Hisadora

    I loved her dress but how cute is that coat? LOVE it 🙂

  • The coat is amazing,,,I really love it. The dress is very pretty but far to summery for a December red carpet in London.

  • Lee Ann

    For Pete’s sake,the dress is COTTON!!! I don’tknow about you but I do not wear cotton and bare legs whenit is 3 degrees out side- As a result, I think she looks absolutely ridiculous. Also given that it is Cotton I think it is a very informal dress and more appropriae for a hot summer’s drink party not the red carpet . I am glad that she made a gesture to winter via the shoe colour. The coat is lovely but does not in my mind make up for the extremely poor judgement on the dress.

    • maria

      i totally agree with you. It’s a resort collection!, I definitely believe the stars should stick a bit more to the seasons. London is not LA.

  • klara

    i like it more with the coat, becuase the dress doesnt look good – she wears it imo too formal, it shouldhave been worn in a laid back way like in the photo of selfridges, but with the coat I ADORE IT 🙂

    • Linda

      I agree with you…it looked better in the pic on the link because she does make it too formal. THe coat, though, is amazing and she looks really classy and timeless in it.

    • KateS

      I agree, the shoes are great and the coat is all kinds of divine, but the dress has more of a cute casual vibe.

  • Marvel

    A lovely look for her. I dont know if I love it with or without the coat. But I am glad she removed the coat just so we can see how it looks like by itself.

    I think that Kristen is one the un-sung heroes on the red carpet. She never tries hard nor does she hardly get it wrong.

    • Ethne Blist

      Yes! She always looks cute and appropriate and she does try new things to keep her look fresh. I mean, what could be more fresh than a botanical dress? The Salvatores are to DIE for.

      • Methedrine

        I both agree with you!

  • Ju

    The coat is gorgeous!
    And I love the heels

  • Luis


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