Miss Selfridge invited Kristin and I to the Burlesque London Premiere last night.

The invite said ‘sequins and sparkle’, so Miss Selfridge dressed me in a gorgeous Miss Selfridge cream silk embellished dress and Kristin in a divine Miss Selfridge coral embellished maxi dress.

Christina Aguilera arrived at the Empire in Leicester Square the same time as we did, so we got to see her work the pink carpet. The singer/actress was flanked by 7 foot bodyguards which made her look even more petite despite her 6in Louboutin’s.

Once she’d worked the crowd she was interviewed by Jenni Falconer who asked her what it was like to work with the legend that is Cher. Christina said that it was an honour, and that even when they weren’t in scenes together, she still learnt something from her every day.

Kristen Bell, Cam Gigandet, Chelsea Traille and Cher all worked the crowd and were interviewed by Jenni, but it was Cher who got the biggest cheer.

She told us that some of her fans had waited out in the cold since 9am to meet her. That meant they had spent 10 hours in the freezing cold to wait for their idol. Cher laughed, “I wouldn’t do it.”

Inside the Empire we all enjoyed popcorn which true to form I finished before the movie started.

The stars appeared on-stage one by one and introduced us to movie which I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s definitely a chick flick and it inspired me to want to learn how dance in that seductive way and it inspired Kristin to want to shop at Agent Provocateur.

At the after party we enjoyed Cosmo’s, mini burgers and were entertained by a band and Burlesque dancer Immodesty Blaize.

The entire cast was there excluding Cher. The highlight – apart from the free food and drink – was seeing Christina Aguilera dance her ass off when the DJ played her hit single “Ain’t No Other Man.”

We left the venue at the same time as Kristen Bell who’s isn’t as short as I has always assumed. We were blinded by the flash bulbs, but it made us feel like celebrities for 30 seconds.