Halle Berry In Alberta Ferretti – CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute

I’m not sure how, but I missed Halle Berry at the CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute earlier this week.

The Oscar winning actress looked divine wearing an Alberta Ferretti Resort 2011 white silk jersey one shoulder gown with two silver cuffs and large hooped earrings.

I love this look.

It’s so simple and elegant, but I do miss the days of her jaw dropping gowns that would blow us all away.

Credit: Style.com & Getty

21 thoughts on “Halle Berry In Alberta Ferretti – CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute

  1. Hannah

    I adore this type of look on hale, but I agree, itiscommon wiht certain stars that when they get a look right, like halle and simple gowns (usually jersey, usually asymmetrical) they can get complacent, and I really want to see her and elie together again!

  2. Marvel

    A nice look for her but she is going to be paired with the Bilson and Bosworth’s of the world – no movies to promote, just hopping from one red carpet even to another

      1. Marvel

        Whilst thats true, when was the last decent film Halle made a good film? And IMO Halle’s performance is highly overrated and she didnt deserve to win. But thats just my opinion

        1. justme

          I agree with you, she didn’t impress me in Monster Ball.
          But what I’m saying is that Halle’s had a serious acting career so she can afford some complacency.
          It’s unfair to compare her to the likes of Kate Bosworth imo.

  3. mochababe73

    Halle looks stunning as usual. I like that she chose something that’s a little outside of what she usually wears.
    As far as being compared to Bilson or Bosworth, there is no comparison. Those women are not even close to being in the same league as Halle. She is what they strive to be when they grow up.

  4. Emi

    This is an already-seen dress, but it’s so beautiful! It fits her so well, I’ve never seen a gown by A. Ferretti which is not super feminine. Said that, I dislike her hair.

  5. inside la senza

    I agree with Mochababe and Kim – she’s just in a class of her own.

    Fashion Critic – do you do an annual BDOTY round up? If so she has to be in it!

    Vicky x


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