Emma Watson In Carven – The Today Show

Despite a heavy promotional schedule, Emma Watson still looked as fresh as daisy on NBC’s The Today Show yesterday.

She arrived wearing her studded Burberry trench, but on the show she revealed a gorgeous Carven Fall 2010 dress.

The demure shirt collar figure hugging taupe dress was paired Sergio Rossi pumps and a grosgrain belt.

Emma was on the Today Show to talk about her new movie, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1″ but the first question Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb asked her was about all the attention her haircut been has received.

“I wasn’t really anticipating so much drama about it,” she said, “but it’s great; I’m loving it.”

You can purchase Emma’s dress from Net-A-Porter US or Net-A-Porter International.

Credit: Carven.fr & Rex Features

26 thoughts on “Emma Watson In Carven – The Today Show

  1. twoche

    I really like the dress on her. Like you, I am too over Sergio Rossi pumps but they look better in nude than black.They work well with her dress and I keep falling in love with her hair again and again :)

  2. Marvel

    The dress is nice but I dont like the collors. It seems a bit too Harry Potter-ish.

    But Emma does make it work

  3. Pablo

    Well what a sweetie!
    At first I thought she was kind of too “smarty” (I was maybe taking her for Hermione :P ), but the thing is she seems very nice and down-to-Earth.
    And when compared to other young stars, she’s even cuter! *cough Taylor Momsen cough* :)

  4. Laura

    This was a really great pick for Emma’s haircut. It’s preppy but with style. I’m over those Sergio Rossi pumps though. It seems like we’ve seen them in all the colors they come in and multiple times on celebs.

  5. DC

    i think emma watson is a one to watch. she gets it right nearly everytime…has got teh balance between sexy/cute but its all appropriate for her age and target audience. and most of al she looks comfortable in her clothes and is able to relax.

    i also see some similarities to cheryl cole…in her choice of dress…the difference is that emma pulls hers off with aplomb..but cheryl fails…and i think thats down to a few things…hair, attitude, and appropriateness…take note pls ms.cole!

  6. A Iman

    My goodness, I’m just in awe of how beautiful she is! I’ve always thought she was pretty but the haircut just highlights all of her best features. Move over Keira! Emma is officially my new girl crush ;)

  7. Emi

    She’s so cute, as always, this look is so right for her, personally i don’t like when women go to morning shows dressed like they’re going to a club. And these Sergio Rossi’ s pumps are right for this dress, I don’t understand why women keep on wearing them with evening dresses.

  8. Beverly

    She looks perfect and she deserves to show off that perfect figure of hers! Form fitting dresses look good on her!!! I can’t believe someone said she looked heavy! Wtfff?!!! She’s think and had lovely curves! She’s just wonderful! And the nude shoes look great! She’s beautiful and intelligent and a great actress!!!!

  9. Liz

    I love this look. It’s very intellectual yet sexy at the same time. I usually hate those dreadful Sergio Rossi heels, but I love the on Emma. She just makes everything look good.


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