Blake Lively In Chanel – 2010 CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

We’ve had many discussions about whether Blake Lively uses a stylist, but so long as the final result is good who really cares?

For me she makes a lot of great choices – excluding her Vivienne Westwood look.

At the 2010 CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund Awards last night her Chanel Spring 2011 dress was stunning.

She wore her black knit Chanel dress with maroon Christian Louboutin pigalle pumps.

Trust Blake to find the sexiest dress in the collection.

This is why I love her.

As great as the dress is she didn’t follow my mother’s rule which is, ‘always wear matching underwear’.

Had she matched her underwear she wouldn’t have been wearing a flesh coloured bra which is exposed under the photographers’ flashbulbs.

The crochet and feathered details on the skirt is exquisite.

Credit: & Zuma Press

Leighton Meester In Prabal Gurung - 2010 CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

Leighton Meester In Prabal Gurung – 2010 CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

The Rest Of The Looks From The CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund Red Carpet

The Rest Of The Looks From The CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund Red Carpet

  • Janice

    I love this dress! How much do you think it would be? Ball park?


  • mochababe73

    I love the dress but not on Blake. For some reason, I always like the clothing that she wears, but I also feel like they fall flat on her.
    And the bra…a stylist would have made sure that she got the correct undergarments.

  • karen

    This dress looks much better on the model. I don’t like it on Blake at all. Her hari, her boobs, her bra, her underwear, her bracelet , her shoes…. all wrong. Great dress alone, just not on Blake or how she styled it.

  • Laura

    I really like this look. Blake and Chanel alike make this more than a black dress. I really like those shoes.

    And I have a hard time believing she uses a stylist full-time. A stylist would want to take credit for some of the amazing looks Blake’s put out there (ie Emmy’s, Met Ball, etc.). On the other hand, not a stylist in the world would let her walk an RC in that Vivienne Westwood monstrosity. She may use one from time to time for promotional tours when she needs many outfits at around the same time, but I doubt she employs one on a consistant basis.

    • b

      For VW fiasco: do you aware that she also copied the runway almost from head to toe?

      • Laura

        Yes, and that’s my point. Any stylist worth a darn would tell her that modifications were a must on that look. The fact that she wore it as presented says to me that either her stylist is really lazy or she doesn’t have one.

  • dee

    I love the dress but i wish someone else would have worn it. She isn’t quite pulling it off for me.

  • Hannah

    I absolutely hate htis look. SHe looks frumpy,her hair is horrendous. Fine, she doesn’t have to use a stylist, but surely a hair stylist is allowed.
    The psoe is killing me, she looks so drab, and why does she look so upset?
    The shoes and bracelet are wrong completely, not light cleanor chic enough for thsi particular look, and the bra thing is such an issue I cannot even explain.
    I just really o not like this look.
    Whatever happened to Blake?

    • Fashion Critic

      TheStylistTot said in the comment above that she would’ve sad because had just lost out to Carey Mulligan on the role of Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby.

      The Director called Carey to give her the good news, so Blake got the bad news 🙁

      • Hannah

        Poor Blake.
        I would ordinarily say she should not have been so obvious in defeat, but having read the StylistTot’s comment (which I did not see prior to making my own), but given the circumstances it is allowed.
        Either way, i believe Carey will fulfill the role, and, with my little knowledge of the Great Gatsby, may be better suite to it than Miss Lively, who I am certain will get other work.
        Still, Baz Luhrmann couldn’t have possibly one it in a more cruel sadistic way, could he?

        • Fashion Critic

          I’m not sure he didn’t know where she was and that Blake was there.

      • Emi

        Did anybody watch The great Gatsby? I did. Who would choose B. Lively to play M. Farrow’s role? And Gatsby maybe would be Spencer Pratt? We’re talking of a movie that oozes class… By the way, the dress doesn’t fit her well, the top seems too tight for her breast, that’s why her bra is so exposed.

  • She’s sad because she just lost to Carey Mulligan on the role of Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. Baz Luhrmann supposedly called Carey (in front of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld) on the red carpet of the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund awards to let her know she got the part.

    I don’t like this look at all. It looked better on the model. And I don’t think Blake has as good a style as “Serena van der Woodsen”, who, let’s face it, is being dressed by the Gossip Girl stylist. In fact, I don’t get why Anna Wintour loves her at all.

    • Fashion Critic

      ouch. That had to hurt. I didn’t realise Blake was up for the same role.

    • Emi

      I totally agree with you, she’s such overrated. She’s not classy, and even if you have a beautiful breast (fake) it doesn’t mean that you have to expose 24/7.

  • ferah


  • she looks a bit whorish in this outfit

  • Hisadora

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love her in this dress and she looks very sexy and classy at the same time. BTW, she’s wearing Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps.

    • Fashion Critic


  • bb

    I think she makes the dress way too tacky than it should be.

    Don’t know why…

  • Lee Ann

    i think her breasts are too big for the dress.

  • and that brazalet!!!!!!!!!!!omg it’s wonderful that cuff!!!!!!!…for me , the worst is the hair…

  • Leti

    A stunning look–love the shoes and makeup, as well. I think the issue here isn’t that she wore a light bra, but that wasn’t close enough to her skin color,.e.g. a true nude. I swear by nude underwear. Had she worn a black bra, I think it would have been just as visible because it would have stood out against her skin.

    • Fashion Critic

      you’re right it is a hard one and I totally understand your point

  • seggie

    i love her too! and mainly because she deserves loads of credit for not using a stylist. yes she gets it wrong sometimes, but a lot do with a lot of stylists (i.e. Cheryl Cole) good on her, she looks fantastic and i’m loving the hair!

    • Methedrine


  • Lara

    It would’ve been such a stunning look, if i couldn’t see her white bra through dress and black panties through lace, ugh

  • Shruti

    Like the make-up, shoes and bracelet. Don’t like the hair and the close-up of the bottom part of the dress looks ver very bad/ awkward/ weird.

  • Alina

    For me this looks tacky. And ….why she alwaaaays has the same pose? It’s awkward

  • Helen

    I am not too keen on the ‘flash your pants’ trend but she makes it work probably because on this occasion she is not overtly trying to be sexy in this pose and the hair down suits this look.

  • Kiran

    FC you HAVE to check out the new episode of Gossip Girl. We all originally thought that only Blake wore that blue Carolina Herrera to the masquerade ball but you’re never going to believe what happens!

    • Fashion Critic

      It’s on in the UK tomorrow now I’m dying to see it

  • roxy

    She definitely has a stylist. People close to her are leaking secrets about her and she 100% has a stylist. Either way I don’t like this look. You can’t see it in that picture, but her bra was showing through her dress. Since she has a stylist, someone should have told her in advance, but maybe she likes the attention.

  • roxana

    i don’t like the hair and the white bra

  • Wow she looks stunning and I love the feather detailing on the dress! Bravo Blake!!

    Xo~ Christy

  • Ethne Blist

    Always wear flesh colored underwear. Showing your underwear, whether you are wearing Chanel or not, is not classy.

    • Anissa

      I find myself wondering if wearing nude underwear would improve the look as the black makes it look heavier…though I wonder if it would look too exposed…?

      • Jasmine

        but she IS wearing nude underwear!

        • Anissa

          No, she’s wearing a nude bra but black panties

      • Jasmine

        also, can’t make out if it’s the dress or does blake have a really long torso? the model looks so much more proportionate in the dress

  • Alexandra

    god i love her shoes!!!

  • Betty

    Is she so insecure about her height?
    What a stunning girl ,what a stupid pose!

  • Gretta

    Not feeling this at all. I think Blake makes it look quite tacky, especially with the 80s shoes.

  • Marvel

    I LOVE this dress on her and her make up is gorgeous. Though she must know that nude bras are exposed under the camera flash bulbs.
    Thats red carpet 101

  • Betty

    She is a gorgeous girl ,but why cant she stand straightly?

  • biskich

    Beautiful dress, but is it me, or does she look sad in all of the pictures I’ve seen on the net?

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