Clemence Poesy In Chanel Couture – “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1″ World Premiere

Clemence Poesy also attended the “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1? World Premiere last night.

The French actress was the very picture of subtle elegance wearing a Chanel Fall 2010 Couture dress.

Her navy lace Couture dress with voluminous sleeves had a beautiful black velvet detail on the bodice.

Clemence wasn’t going to make any style statements at this premiere like Emma; she arrived with that graceful air of not even knowing how amazing she looks.

Clemence carried what looked like a a book, but her “La Belle et la Bête” (Beauty and the Beast) book is actually a clutch by Olympia Le Tan.

Bizarrely it works 🙂

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  • Oh. My. God. I’m running out of words. I totally love this look, it’s just perfection!

  • Sharon

    Not even the Chanel name can save this one for me. It looks like something that was picked off the floor in Klara’s closet and given to the much-smaller Heidi to wear at dinner.

  • Emi

    And I love the clutch, The beauty and the beast… I’ve always wanted a clutch/purse by Olympia Le Tan, but they cost like a car…

  • Emi

    First of all I really dislike the dress, the big sleeves and the black details make it very “heavy” and old. Said that, as I often write, French women are really understated and classy, the opposite of almost American women who need to pose, always, but this is not a critic, anyway, just an opinion.

  • Lara

    I don’t know why but I’m in love with this look! I can’t put my finger on it but I love the ‘romantic’ feel of the whole outfit. Clemence and Emma’s looks are so different that I don’t think it’s fair to compare them. Both girls look outstanding! The book/clutch is so cute!

  • mochababe73

    Clemence Posey is boring. I was so glad when her stint on Gossip Girl was short.
    This dress is not pretty at all. All of the black satin (?) ruffles are distracting.

    • Fashion Critic

      Agree i found her very boring on GG

      Her character and acting were so dull

  • karen

    This is probably the one dress that looks better up close and in person than in print.

  • Liz

    I would like the dress more if it were longer or shorter. However, I love the clutch. She looks beautiful. That’s a great color on her.

  • Amber

    Oh my god, there are people who actually think this is a good looking dress? This is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen! It looks like a DIY prom dress from the 80s that was made by the girl’s poor blind aunt. Hideous!

    • Ayesha

      totally….though i wouldn’t be so harsh,i have a soft corner for anything Chanel.
      and anyway isn’t this about different views,anyone is free to say it’s ugly but why judge others.

      • suzan

        i agree too..this is a boring look.clemence posey looks older than she is.i really really hate this dress on her.
        she is a young beautiful girl but this dress is sooo wrong on her.

        • suzan

          Not at all BDOTW worthy!!!

  • Lee Ann

    I think it is a stunning dress I really wish that she would have worn the boots though.

  • adrien

    J’adore! Et vive la France! Ah ah
    She looks really good IMO!
    The clutch is sooo cool! but so expensive (more than 1000€)

  • Amanda

    Loooooooooooooooooooooove it!!! I’m dying!!!!! BDOTW for sure!!!

  • mol

    I think I like this better than Emma’s look – they both look outstanding, but in different ways. My preference would be with Clemence in the end, partly because of her easy coolness plus the quirky factor of the clutch – love that a lot!

  • Ethne Blist

    I don;t like her pumps. They should be satin or velvet. They are boring and hold the look down. I am in love with the dress though.

  • Henrique

    I love the clutch and I don’t even mind the shoes as she looks amazing.. BDOTW worthy. Much prefer this look than Emma’s one.

  • Luiza

    She looks stunning to me. Clemence is become one of my favorites. Love the dress and everything about this look. And she looks SOOOO much better than Emma too.

  • Helen

    She makes elegance look easy. She looks amazing in Chanel without trying to steal Emma’s shine. I love her brunette locks too.

  • Karen

    Dont like the dress
    Boring chanel color…

    • adrien

      We all got it!

  • Hannah

    I adore it. She was really underwhelmign in the hands of hte gossip girl stylists. I really hope she dresses thi swell in future. She gives the looks that you can write-off as red carpet material.
    The ahir na dmakeup are perfection!
    I want the clutch so desperately now!

  • Laura

    Really like this look. And Clemence knows how to carry it. She’s working it well.

  • ellie

    BDOTW pleeeease!!

  • I love the clutch! I want one…

  • I think she looks fabulous! I prefer her with dark hair, it makes her more mysterious than ever!

  • Alicat

    Demure and classy but pretty at the same time. I like it as it is different to what all the others wore.

  • asherlev1

    BDOTW. Sorry, but I’m just not feeilng Emma quite that much.


    • Karen

      I don’t agree

  • Claudia

    I was expecting her to wear Chanel. She looks lovely.

  • Jarrold

    OMG, She looks outstanding. I love the book/clutch

    • Marvel

      Me too. I found the clutch was a nice touch to a very nice Chanel look

  • Ben

    She looks great! BDOTW, maybe…

  • Gillian

    Looks like a 40 years old

    • Karen


  • Sharona

    Lovely. And she isn’t posing and gurning for the cameras like some other people last night either. Some people just don’t need to try.

    • Karen

      shes not the big star! sorry! LOL

      • Sharona

        The word’s spelled “cough”. And what does it matter if she’s not the big star? What’s that got to do with anything? Gwyneth Paltrow’s a bigger star than Emma Watson will EVER be, and she doesn’t feel the need to pose and pout for the cameras. it’s called class.

        • Hannah

          Totally. I wouldn’t say emma was classless, but slightly desperate. What she wore, and has been wearing recently has seemed like such a facade.
          I think that who the star is at a premiere is regardless, and that frankly anyone can dress how they want to. I just don’t really get the relevancy of that.
          I also adore Clemence’s graceful insouiance.
          Regarding the ‘cough/ cof’ thing, I am pretty sure it was intended to be written that way.
          Now lets all calm down and appreciate the look 🙂

          • Fashion Critic

            yes I agree lets talk fashion

        • Karen

          LOL! Jealousy!! shes not the big star of the HP movies!Emma ‘s a bigger star than clemence! sorry to say, but its the tue!! LOLLL hard

        • Anna

          whats the problem with poses on the red carpet?

  • she has that french air of not having to try too hard, a lot like Vanessa Paradis. I love her in this dress and I think she is beautiful.

    • Linda

      Totally. I love the dark hair too. Normally I’m not a big fan of Chanel dresses, but she looks so graceful and effortless, as you say.

      • Linda

        And BDOTW worthy! 🙂

  • Naomi

    She looks great, although a teeny-tiny splash of color on her lips would’ve added a lot.

  • Ann

    It is a clutch actually. It’s by Olympia Le Tan.

    • Fashion Critic

      thanks for the confirmation. I was searching for it as a clutch everywhere and couldn’t find it.

      • Ann

        No problem, glad I could help.

  • Ayesha

    err……..i don’t think this look works for me at all,i am a huge fan of Chanel,it looks great on the runway,could’ve looked good here too but i just can’t like it.

    • Karen


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