For a long while I’ve been telling you guys that Blake Lively doesn’t have a stylist.

Some of you don’t believe this to be true, but you may change your mind when you see Blake on red carpet at the Realm Boutique Opening in New York City last night.

No self respecting stylist would ever allow Blake to leave the house looking this bad.

The ‘Gossip Girl’ actress wore a blue oversized man’s shirt with a black sparkling high-waisted skirt.

It gets worse.

She accessorized with a tan belt and black Chanel ankle boots.

Individually the pieces aren’t too bad, but together this is an epic failure.

The worse thing about this look is that the blouse peeking over her skirt is so clearly deliberate.

The tragic thing is that Blake thinks this is fashion forward.

The sad thing is that she thinks she looks amazing.

Update: It looks like Blake did take this look straight from the runway of Vivienne Westwood’s Fall 2010 Red Label collection.

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