Lanvin For H&M Press Day

Today I attended the Lanvin for H&M press day in London.

The collection goes on sale in 3 weeks time, which is just enough time to save for the most anticipated fashion event of the year.

Alber Elbaz said in his interview that, “This is not about a dress for less, it’s more about bringing Lanvin to a wider audience.”

This was evident as the fabrics have the same high quality as the pieces in Lanvin boutiques.

Whilst mentally putting together my wish list, I noticed that many pieces looked familiar.

Lanvin lovers will see hints of past Lanvin’s Fall 2008, Resort 2009, Spring 2009 and Resort 2010 collections.

The H&M showroom presented strapless, asymmetrical, colourful, tulle, silk, puffy sleeved, one-sleeved dresses alongside graphic t-shirts, faux fur coats, jackets and vests, skirts, trench coats and blazers.

Accessories included canvas graphic bags, shoes with embellished heels and ribbon details, leopard print and floral clutches accented with red pom poms, belts, necklaces, earrings, leather gloves, tights, lipstick and sunglasses.

The Lanvin for H&M collection goes on sale November 23, and as much as I want to keep this so myself to ensure I get my favourite pieces, the collection will also be available to purchase online at at 7am GMT.

The full look book is below. Click on your favourite looks to see the price lists.

[nggallery id=679]

54 thoughts on “Lanvin For H&M Press Day

  1. Marian

    Catherine darling where do I start?!! First of all, it was your tweet earlier today that got me excited about the collection and now this post, well lets just say I am going to be dreaming of it all the pieces(hello to those shoes!!!) till the 23rd!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful

      1. Dorian Gray

        Ok, I’ll wait to see the pieces on the
        FC could you please post Donatella Versace attending the UNESCO Charity Gala for Children in Need 2010 held on October 30 in Düsseldorf, Germany ? I think she was amazing (even if in black).

  2. robbie

    those lovely shoes with the blue ribbon on them, i MUST GET THOSE!!!!! any idea about prices yet?

    cant wait to see the menswear aswell, hopefully there will be some lovely suits or trousers. so excited, i love that he said he wants to bring lanvin to a wider audience, unlike alot of designers who would probably be worried about “common” people wearing such well known designers.

      1. robbie

        ahh thanks, when i first clicked them they opened as a tab so couldnt see the prices. cant wait to see all the collection in person.

  3. Ethne Blist

    “This is not about a dress for less, it’s more about bringing Lanvin to a wider audience.” The clothes are still expensive. Most people don’t have 200 dollars to spend on a dress. Most people want something under 100 dollars. I am disappointed at the pricing.

    1. robbie

      considering the normal lanvin pieces would cost atleast 4 figures, $200 doesnt seem all that bad, but these are pieces that will be timeless.

  4. audrey

    how many starlets get their grubby mitts on these before the release?? im prepping for the cage match on newbury street over the floral prints and shoes!

  5. Lee Ann

    The comments on the DM website are priceless. How can people not like these clothes or think them over priced.

  6. Hannah

    I love this collection like no words can describe. I NEED it. I am starting my crash diet now. Damn I need to look for a job, especially since I will have ot miss school to get it. Oh I am SO excited.

  7. Tamia

    I die!thanks so much fc for posting this..did they say anything about the sizing ranges?totally buying a bowtie for my boyfriend for the xmas season-how fab!

  8. Elaine

    Thanks so much for the sneak preview FC – Which items are you eyeing up?

    I’m debating whether it will be better to venture into the madness of the shop or buy online on the 23rd (but face the possibility of site being down due to high demand)??? Decisions decisions!

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      The yellow asymmetrical dress, the black bow covered dress, the floral dress and the graphic face t shirt and the eggplant dress with the one pouffy sleeve.

      Which is over £ 600 :o

  9. molly

    Im only 17, so i cant afford actual Lanvin from the runway, so you have no idea how i screamed when I saw this!!
    And its actually cute and appears to be well made!

  10. Mario

    If I were a woman I’d be digging my grave right now if I wasn’t able to get anything!!
    Let’s hope the men clothing will be equally hot!! I can’t wait for it!!! ♥♥

  11. pipsqueak

    Swoon … it’s going to be as crazy, if not more, as bridal gown sale once the collection hits the stores.

  12. Fola

    I am sooooo excited! Thanks for telling us about the time it goes on sale on the website. I was just thinking about getting the camping gear out, but thank God I won’t have to do that!

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      at that time if the site crashes you’ll still have time to make it to a store at 9am x

  13. Emi

    Let me say that it’s really not democratic that I cannot shop-online from Italy. The only store where you can buy Lanvin for HM is in Milan, I should leave at 4 a.m. to get there for the opening. I really think that these collaborations are interesting but not democratic at all, if only few people will have the chance to buy the collection.

  14. Miss V

    Hi FC, the dresses are quite pretty and very reminiscent of their paris collection. However, I was expecting so much more and to be honest I am not that hugely impressed. I hoped to see a camel coat. I feel the mens collection is much stronger.

  15. Shawna

    I love the collection! Will the H&M site be e-commerce by the time this rolls out. I always end up missing these collaborations because I can’t make it to the store :(

  16. Tania

    Love the yellow dress and face t-shirt. If they do size 8 shoes I might get a pair, hopefully that’s all the damage I’ll do to my card!

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      I’m a size 8 too.

      The Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes only went up to a size 7 so, this time I’m concentrating on the clothes

  17. Hana

    Hello, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful information with us all! Can you, please, tell me, what materials are the clothes made of? I’m really dying to know since Alber Elbaz said in one of the videos that the fabrics that H&M chose were really high-quality. I hope a dress for 200 USD won’t be made of viscose. :( If you could tell me more on this subject, I’d be very happy. Also thank you for your lovely site, I always enjoy your posts! Love xx Hana

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      Hi Hana, none of the piece I saw were made of viscose.

      I’m sure you’ll be very surprised at the quality of this collection. xx

  18. amna

    can i purchase this collection online??? i am dying to get my hands on it but i am not sure if all h&m stores will carry it =(


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