Keira Knightley In Valentino – “Last Night” Rome Film Festival Opening Ceremony Premiere

Like Eva, Keira Knightley’s red carpet moment was ruined tonight by protesters during the 2010 Rome Film Festival, but we still get to see her gown.

You can never accuse Keira of being boring.

Just when you were picking your favourite Chanel dresses from for her to wear at this opening ceremony premiere, she totally switches things up.

Instead she opted of a Valentino tulle gown from the Spring 2011 collection.

The gown is so heavenly and dream-like I bet Keira would’ve looked like an angel gliding down the red carpet.

Hopefully we get better pictures at some point, but I can tell even from this side picture that she looks amazing.

Credit: & Getty

32 thoughts on “Keira Knightley In Valentino – “Last Night” Rome Film Festival Opening Ceremony Premiere

  1. mol

    Amazing barely covers it….this is hope to see from more angles, which if at all possible I know you will do F.C.!

  2. Hannah

    It i sbeautiful, but I am still yearning for that pop of bright yellow (or any other colour bar black) from the runway. It is so beautiful, and it woul dhave been so interesting to see the juxtaposition between Keira and Eva’s gowns on the red carpet.

      1. Hannah

        In retrospect I agree, I think it is because I have a vendetta againt nude and black shoes, so now I just hate them on impact, but subjectively she looks better.

  3. Leslie

    I’m speechless. She’so so so beautiful !
    It makes me think about the ad for Coco Mademoiselle.

    I like that she opted for nude heels.

  4. hindevy

    absolutely gorgeous… I love this gown.. and it fits perfectly with Keira’s bob..
    It makes me remember back when Mrs.B had that hairstyle.. I’m so missing it

  5. sara

    She looks so ethereal. I’m really praying we get to see better pics but as far as i can see this is BDOTW

    1. kimi

      I agree on the ethereal. Took the words out of my mouth. And, yeah for more pictures. I would love to see it from a front view.

  6. Sarah

    Totally BDOTW worthy in my opinion. Simply divine. From this angle she doesn’t look at all overwhelmed by the volume, but I’ll echo the others and say I’d like to see other pictures.

  7. nicky

    gorgeous. she looks like an angel hahaa. she always surprises me on the red carpet. i really wished they had proper red carpet photos to do the dress justice.

  8. Pablo

    Oh my! What week! It just seems impossible to pick a BDOTW! Having said that, I think Keira has won me over with this gown. As you say, even from this side-on-the-run picture I think she looks outstanding, and I love how she has has gone for something less predictable!! Winner!!


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