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Arantxa del Sol looked stunning on the red carpet at the 2010 Telva Awards wearing a pewter lame Carolina Herrera Fall 2010 off-the shoulder gown with a matching clutch.

Model Juncal Rivero blew me away in her Hannibal Laguna red gown. Her knock out figure does total justice to this spectacular asymmetrical dress.

Designer Vicky Martin Berrocal glows in her own creation which is accented with black roses.

Daphne Fernandez my crush from last years event, also wore an Hannibal Laguna.

A beautiful necklace was paired with her black fitted gown.

Cristina Piaget opted for a lot more drama with her Hannibal Laguna look.

Her feathered accented gown was paired with pink heels.

Raquel Sanchez Silva arrived with designer Ana Locking who designed her red lace one-shoulder dress.

I’m much prefer Ana’s colourful self designed dress, which reminds me of McQueen.

Juncal Rivero is my favourite of all these looks.

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  • Gabriela

    Juncal Rivero is -and looks- stunning, but I prefer Daphne Fernández, she has an elegance and flair hard to find this days. What I do not understand is featuring Cristina Piaget, who in my opinion looked creepy and horrible -so sorry for the beautiful dress- when there were so many great looks that night: Nieves Alvarez in G. Valli, or Infanta Elena dressed in a shocking orange with a teal blue manton de manila…..

  • hally

    why are they all so beautiful!?!?!?! gorgeous women and the hottest soccer players? not fair, spain, not fair at all!

    i love that you feature events like these FC, as an american i’m not really exposed to them otherwise.

    • Fashion Critic

      you are very welcome. Glad you are enjoying the international events

  • zoe

    every single woman here looks absolutely beautiful! the telva awards may be the highlight of this month. juncal rivero looks so beautiful and this may seem hard to believe but i am loving daphne fernandez even more for some reason…she’s a quiet beauty! and anna locking looks so beautiful in her dress as does the actress that’s with her!

  • Ria D

    erm, helloooo?? best dressed event, EVER??
    SO glad i wasn’t there (invite was lost in the mail, lol) with these women, it would’ve given me a HUGE complex.

  • asherlev1

    Omg, they all look so amazing! My favorites are Vicky and Raquel.

  • Sharon

    I like all but the last two. The red satin is wonderful, but my favorite is Cristina in the feathered gown. Since you’d have to have a 10″ waist to pull off the look, I can’t imagine it on anyone else, but she looks amazing. A BDOTW candidate for sure.

  • Marvel

    I honestly dont know which look I love the most. All BDOTW worthy

  • sonia

    Daphe didn’ risk this time..and she won.
    I like the way Cristina wears Hannibal’s dress, not everyone colud make that look work!

  • Rashmi

    Juncal Rivero for BDOTW pls..

  • robbie

    they all look terrible!

    but cristina looks the worst, wtf is she wearing on her feet bandages!

  • Elaine

    Wow all of these could be BDOTW contenders! What a tough week this is going to be. would like to reiterate what has been said above and say I think Juncal Rivero should make the poll!

  • Victor

    I’m in LOVE with that Hannibal Laguna that Cristina Piaget is wearing!

  • Hannah

    They all look incredible. I could see any of them in the BDOTW poll. I am in total lust with the red Ana Locking. So proud to be Spanish right now :).

  • JJovana3

    That Carolina Herrera gown looks so much better OFF runway, its not even funny. Absolutely STUNNING!!!!

  • Manel

    Princess Elena was standing out wearing Oscar de la renta.

  • Lara

    damn,stupid typo
    looks like a million dollars

    • adrien

      agreed! could be billions!!!

    • artemis

      Oh my God!!She looks absolutely stunning!!!

    • Kaz

      Totally agree! Juncal looks amazing and I would happily see this in the poll.

  • Lara

    Hope Juncal Rivero will be in BOTW poll. she looks million a dollars

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