19th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival – Zhang Ziyi In Christian Dior

Zhang Ziyi was also one of the stars to walk the red carpet at the 19th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival.

The Asian actress not only hosted the closing ceremony, but she also performed as well.

Her Christian Dior Fall 2010 dress works better on the runway.

I think the dress loses some of its appeal with the extra layers to prevent the dress from being too sheer.

I’m also not fond of the watch nor her necklace with this dress.

This is a surprisingly meh look for Zhang. She usually knocks it out of the ballpark.

Credit: & Sina

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  • fashionbug888

    lots of details such as floral appliques look different from the runway…i wonder if it is authentic?

  • yuki

    it looks like a knock off…Ziyi Zhang is shameless. She didn’t donate the money she raise for Sichuan Earthquack.

  • Ling

    It is quite funny that she actually did combine the watch and dress together.

  • nicky

    had she taken off the watch and necklace, the look wouldve been much better. i think the modification is great. the colour looks lovely on her and her makeup and hair is perfect as usual. she has the sophistication to pull of a dior dress like tht

  • mol

    I think the whole wonderful play between opaque and sheer is lost in Zang’s version – the opaque jacket over the sheer, then the opaque stocking under the sheer, etc. The eye keeps dancing and exploring in the runway version, while in Zang everything just sit flat all over.

    • Ling

      I am not mad about the color at all, I like the Jacket, it went into a nice detail for the dress. And ‘Zang’ is not the actor’s name, her name is ‘zhang’. And it is actually her family name. ‘Ziyi’ is the given name.

      • mol

        Apologies for my spelling mistake and assuming the wrong name order – she really is a beautiful woman, I just meant to criticize the dress……

  • Dirk

    odd. i think she looks pretty fantastic. ah, well. different opinions.

  • I do prefer the runway dress. If only there was a way to add to it without taking away from the beauty of it.

  • Raquel

    But without the extra layers it is a tad, uh, tacky, isn’t it?

  • Linda

    I’m not a huge fan of Dior dresses (usually). This one is not too bad, but the colour is a little drab.

  • Hannah

    I agree that it is dissappointing, but that colour is her PERFECT colour. She look beautiful none the less.

  • Marvel

    This look reminds me of Kate Beckinsale at Cannes.

    Whats ruining the dress for me is the sash that looks like the dress has been torn

  • Jones19

    I completely agree about the layers, they take away all the appeal of the runway dress. They also make her look kinda chunky. Too bad.

  • Sharon

    I agree with you, FC. The modified version reminds me of the unfortunate dress Cynthia Nixon wore the other day.

  • Lee Ann

    I agree about the jewellery and watch, but my best friend bought this dress for a wedding and it is very very beautiful even with the layers. I think that the dark lighting and the background colours are not helping. This really is a beautiful dress-one of the best of the collection. I don’t know why it isn’t working here.

  • Ethne Blist

    Zhang has always has soft soft for Dior so it’s no surprise she is wearing this. I like that she made the dress less sheer because there’s a thing called class, but I totally agree with the watch. I can’t stand them with gowns. If she really had to have had bling, she should have traded the necklace for a bracelet.

    • Ethne Blist

      I didn’t mean to insult when I said ‘there’s a thing called class.’ I meant that Ziyi wasn’t going for sexy.

  • Better on the runway!

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