The 30th Anniversary Of The Promise – Cynthia Nixon In Carolina Herrera

‘Sex And The City’ star Cynthia Nixon was spotted backstage at The 30th Anniversary Of The Promise event in Washington DC this weekend.

The former red head wore a very dramatic Carolina Herrera Fall 2010 gown.

Model Iris Strubegger just about makes this chocolate brush stroke print silk one sleeve gown and a red bustier look good, but it Cynthia isn’t so lucky as she looks really bad.

No wonder she didn’t stand up in any of the photos.

Adding long gloves to the look doesn’t help this either.

This look joins a rapidly growing Worst Dressed Of The Year list with recent additions Marion Cotillard and Katie Holmes.

Tory Burch looks considerably more comfortable and elegant in her white strapless gown.

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22 thoughts on “The 30th Anniversary Of The Promise – Cynthia Nixon In Carolina Herrera

  1. Camille

    ugh, those gloves are a mistake and the dress looks like she wrapped herself in a dirty sooty drop cloth. The worst is how uncomfortable she looks and how it just doesn’t seem to be ‘her.’

  2. Ev

    Ditch the glove, pick another pair of shoes, stand up and add some pose – this could’ve been a completely different story. I love this dress.

  3. Marvel

    This dress would have suited Nicole Kidman a lot more better.

    Cynthia has never really excited me on the red carpet

  4. Alicat

    I guess I am alone here (except for John from Chile!) but I love it. I think she looks glam. I do agree that the gloves look silly on a one sleeved gown. I like the photo. It is an informal, relaxed shot.

  5. mochababe73

    I like the dress, and 99.9% of the time I don’t care for one sleeved dresses. For me, they just look incomplete. I don’t really understand why she wore the gloves. Nor do I get the choice in shoes. They look like sandals that one normally wears with jeans.
    Not sure about Tory’s dress, but I do love the necklace.

  6. Shruti

    I like it. It’s a gorgeous dress. Minus the gloves, I think she looks good. Just an awkward expression on her face in this particular picture. But otherwise just don’t see anything wrong with the dress or how she carried it. It’s a great fit on her.

  7. Emi

    First of all, I don’t like C. Nixon’s style. Said that, this dress is so horrible it’s hard to believe it’ s Carolina Herrera. Horrible dress, horrible shoes and totally useless gloves, which are almost horrible. It’s hard to create such a terrible look…


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