“Conviction” LA Premiere – Hilary Swank In Chanel Couture

Hilary Swank never lets me down on the red carpet.

Last night the actress attended the LA Premiere of her new movie “Conviction”.

She looked breath-taking wearing a Chanel Fall 2010 Couture dress.

Her sequined dress with a zigzag design was worn without the cropped top which was presented on the runway.

I just can’t picture her with the cropped top, so I’m glad she opted out of wearing it.

As always her dress shows of her figure to perfection.

Neil Lane jewels, Jimmy Choo ‘Quiet’ heels and a matching Judith Leiber clutch complete the look.

BDOTW contender?

Credit: Style.com & Fame

24 thoughts on ““Conviction” LA Premiere – Hilary Swank In Chanel Couture

  1. Kelly

    I adore Hilary Swank, so I might be biased into thinking this is BDOTW worthy. She’s just so classy! Plus these colors are simply divine on her.

  2. Gaber

    The dress feels like it’s sitting way too low.
    Not a fan.

    I do like the look as it was presented on the runway.

  3. Dirk

    not doing it for me. The dress kinda makes her look shapeless and the pattern is something i’d see around a pool.

  4. Lila H.

    That looks remarkably simple for a Chanel HC piece. I wouldn’t know it was couture if you didn’t ID it.

  5. Lou

    Fantastic dress – love it on the catwalk with the jacket and agree Hilary was right to lose it… but the dress seems to hang a little low on her bust for me to toally love. It might just be this photo angle but based on this pic I prefer the catwalk look.

  6. Sara

    I was hoping you would this post, as I saw a picture somewhere else and thought of you. She looks stunning and I LOVE the dress and styling

  7. Ethne Blist

    I don’t think she looks outstanding as in special enough to be nominated for BDOTW because the runway made the dress look awesome with the cool jacket over it. The dress alone looks like a 1960′s cool thrift store find, not couture.

  8. Marvel

    She looks great but I wish she would have gotten rid of the straps. The dress would have looked better strapless and would have made more of an impact

  9. pipsqueak

    BDOTW contender for sure. She looked elegant yet sexy, like a snake-turned-beauty. I mean it in a good way, like some female character in a fairytale inspired by Greek mythology.

  10. Lee Ann

    I love the material and adore the runway dress but she appears to be turning the dress into one designed by Herve Leger. This looses the point of the dress. BDOTW ? Yes, until she got her hands on it.

  11. Sara B.

    In close up shots you can see that she’s wearing blue eye shadow under her eyes. Very unflattering. So unflattering that it should knock her out of the running for BOTW.

  12. ioana

    She looks classic. But you should also feature Juliette Lewis and Minnie Driver because they also looked smokin’ at the premiere.


  13. Gigi

    The dress in person looked very different. It was uber sparkly like a modern cinderella dress. i didn’t notice any color. It photographed nicely, too.


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