Who Was Your Best Dressed Of The Week?

Thanks for all your comments this week.

Since your already in the voting mood, please vote for my blog win the right to show the exclusive Lanvin for H&M trailer.

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Have a great weekend.

FC x

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Variety Luncheon & "Secretariat" LA Premiere - Diane Lane In Lanvin & Gustavo Cadile

Variety Luncheon & “Secretariat” LA Premiere – Diane Lane In Lanvin & Gustavo Cadile

In Nicky Hilton's Closet - Alice + Olivia Dress & Jimmy Choo Heels

In Nicky Hilton’s Closet – Alice + Olivia Dress & Jimmy Choo Heels

  • Missy

    FC I voted twice on two different computers for you!!!! Good luck!

    • Fashion Critic

      Thank you xxxxxx

  • Ruth


  • Ruth

    Where there you have it, the impossible does happen – just voted R.Bilson for BDOTW. But rest assured.. it was the gown, not the hair, that I voted for…

  • I vote for Kerry Washington in the Marchesa dress – gorgeous!

  • molly

    I hate blakes hair. It totally ruins the look for me. Why is her black Elie Saab not on here instead? I love beyonces dress, but her hair is also a complete mess. The color is incredible though.
    I didnt think Kim Kardashian could pull off a look without making it look completely trashy, but this week she proved me wrong. She looks incredible. I had a hard time choosing between her or Rachel Bilson…This week has been wonderful for fashion!

  • Maria

    This is the best dressed week of the year! I want to vote for everyone.

  • The Blake eliee saab dress is just amazing!

  • Laura

    I thought this would be a lot harder than it is. I vote for Catherine. She stole my heart this week. I really love that gown when Reem presented it, and I was really worried that I’d never get to see it on the red carpet. I’m so happy that Catherine made my wish come true.

  • justme

    I voted for Rachel but Kim and Beyoncé both looked pretty amazing too.

  • Kirsten

    Loved Heidi in Cavalli, she got my vote.

    FC, any way to vote for you without a facebook account? I don’t have one…

    • Fashion Critic

      unfortunately there isn’t as it’s a facebook competition 🙁

      • Kirsten

        Let’s hope you win without my vote then ;). Love your blog by the way, I’ve been reading it daily since the 2008 Oscars.

        • Fashion Critic

          Wow such a long time. Thank you x

  • Ally

    My girl crush on Aishwarya continues, but really they all look great.

  • I wasn’t crazy about any of the gowns this week..

    The one I liked the most was Blake Lively’s Saab look .

    I think I?m gonna vote for it.

  • ude

    i wish we could vote more than once

  • Jones19

    Some solid looks this week. Love Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, Heidi Klum and Aishwarya Rai. I have to go with Rachel, I’ve never seen her look so sexy!

  • robbie

    kim gets my vote, but to be honest this week looks rather blah!

    voted for you, realy hope you win, good luck. xoxox

    • Fashion Critic

      thanks Robbie

  • Ev

    Rachel Bilson. I was suprised that so much of animal print didnt overwhelm her plus she didnt go for the safe route with red clutch. And her hair seem very Cavalli-type to me.
    I would’ve voted for Kim Kardashian, but her ‘taylor momsen’ eye makeup put me off this look.

  • would have loved to have seen kerry washington, lee na young and bianca brandolini make the lists. a great week for sure.

    vote for ana alvarez

  • Alex

    I think for the first time in my life I’m voting for Kim Kardashian because it’s a perfect dress for her and she looked outstanding.

  • surprisingly i’ve just voted for kim!!!!!

  • Linda

    Hmmm…for some reason none of these looks are amazing to me, but my vote goes to CZJ for the great colour choice and her air of elegance.

  • Heidi Klum wins this for me, she looks perfect!

  • Mahima

    i love how 8/10 of the looks are gowns.

  • Moxie

    I gave my vote to Kim. Love the whole look. Aishwarya was my second pick. She’s icy perfection. I loved Rachel’s dress, but the hair was hideous. I don’t mean the color, I mean the dried and frizzy ends. I don’t like Blake’s dress – it looks like she couldn’t decide between two very different dresses. Brenda was lovely, but safe. Ana and Beyonce’s dresses really weren’t flattering. Eva Longoria wore Cheryl’s dress better. I wish Kerry Washington had made the cut, but c’est la vie. Good job, FC!

  • Arty

    FC, I know there must be more annoying when you take alot of time compiling your list for bdotw and then some complains!but i really would’ve loved to have voted for kerry washington’s marchesa dress x

  • misa

    Are you planning on posting any of the looks from the Vogue Paris party? Some of the models looked amazing.

    • Anna

      I agree with you. Carine Roitfeld looked amazing, and I’m waiting to see more!

  • Beatrice

    This week is very hard to do a choice…

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