The Marni Spring 2011 woman is athletic and her style is inspired by sports uniform references.

The sports theme was seen in the day wear which included flared tops paired with a skirt which was sometimes also paired with leggings or cycling shorts.

We also saw tropical print dresses in both mini and maxi lenghts.

For the evening the pieces became more glizzy with coloured paillettes, lace, and beaded embroidery details.

The typically bright colour palette included bright yellow, electric blue, green, orange and pink.

All the models wore aviator caps with messy back-combed hair poking out from underneath it.

Other keys accessories included bags, sandals, tinted sunglasses and sculptured necklaces.

Favourites: Tropical blue dress and pink double flounced hemmed pants paired with asymmetrical on top

Who I See Wearing This Collection: Chloe Sevigny and Maggie Gyllenhaal