2010 Toronto Film Festival “The Town” Premiere – Blake Lively In Chanel Couture & Preen

Right, whilst I have a rare hour between shows and I’ve finished reporting on the 2010 Venice Film Festival, I’m going to catch up on the other Festival which started this weekend – the 2010 Toronto Film Festival (TIFF).

First up my girl Blake Lively.

The “Gossip Girl” actress is at TIFF to promote her new movie, “The Town”.

She certainly painted the town red at the premiere looking sensational wearing a Chanel Fall 2010 Couture dress.

I personally wished she’d worn the dress as it was presented on the runway.

I’m not a fan of diluting Couture, but she made this dress work for her sexy image.

The dress has bunch of roses applied around the waist to give her even sexier hourglass figure.

Red lippie and red pumps completed the look.

Update: Just found a picture of Blake with the jacket on and I think she looks much better with it.

What do you think?

Better with or without the jacket?

At the photocall earlier in the day, Blake wore a Preen Spring 2010 ensemble which included a taupe blouse and black obi pants.

She added a selection of beaded necklaces and Louboutin animal print heels to her look.

For someone who doesn’t have a stylist I think she looks great.

Credit: & Zuma

2010 Venice Film Festival Closing Ceremony - Sofia Coppola In Louis Vuitton

2010 Venice Film Festival Closing Ceremony – Sofia Coppola In Louis Vuitton

2010 Toronto Film Festival "Never Let Me Go" Premiere - Carey Mulligan In Christopher Kane

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52 Responses to 2010 Toronto Film Festival “The Town” Premiere – Blake Lively In Chanel Couture & Preen

  1. Danie September 22, 2010 at 22:15 #

    I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you guys are thinking, I think the Chanel dress is horrendous! Yuck to the color, the flowers, and the shimmery fabric! And I like Blake and think she is gorgeous.

  2. Pam September 14, 2010 at 10:39 #

    Definitely better with the jacket on. I wish there were a better photo of her wearing it though.

    That red is fabulous on her. BDOTW for the photo with the jacket!

  3. Jan C. September 13, 2010 at 18:12 #

    Normally, Chanel can do no wrong for me.

    This, however, looks like her pelvis just won the Belmont stakes.

    At least the color is lovely on her.

  4. Anissa September 13, 2010 at 16:08 #

    I agree that her look is better w/ the jacket. If nothing else it hides the fact that she needed a better bra (or possibly to wear one). It’s a great color on her for sure!

  5. Rachel September 13, 2010 at 14:30 #

    With the hair like that I think it looks better without the jackel! The shoes are not the same shade of red, but if it were it would be too matchy, matchy… I love this sexy and sophisticated look!

  6. Marvel September 13, 2010 at 13:27 #


    Her best look of the year.


  7. nicky September 13, 2010 at 08:57 #

    she looks good i have to admit. love her chanel ensemble even though i think the red is too harsh on her. she definitely does justice to the look. her photocall outfit is also very appropiate and stylish. i think she definitely gets advice and help on her red carpet style though…definitely something to do with anna!

  8. danmyyy September 13, 2010 at 06:14 #

    I think i like it better without the jacket, esp since her hair is down, but if you had pulled her hair back, i think the jacket would’ve been nice as well. Overall, i think she looks great in both looks, BDOTW contender definitely!

  9. Sue Jin September 13, 2010 at 04:53 #

    wow! She looks incredible in the Chanel Couture! She looks best without the jacket. She’s usually drab in someway but those red lips really did it for her. she looks amazing.

  10. june September 13, 2010 at 03:04 #

    i’m not so sure about a red dress, red heels *and* red lips, but i’m not goint to deny that she looks amazing in it and pulls it off with or without the jacket (i prefer the jacket though. it’s more visually interesting)

  11. Sisi September 13, 2010 at 02:27 #

    Both of dresses fit her perfectly. But this girl really needs to do something about her skin. She is only 23 years old but looks like 10 years old than her actual age.

  12. mochababe73 September 13, 2010 at 02:21 #

    I love the dress, and I like it better without the little jacket. What I don’t like are the dyed-to-match bridesmaid’s shoes that she has on.
    I don’t like the pants in the second look. I am just not a fan of the Urkel look. Love the blouse and the shoes.
    For once, I am not bored.

  13. Amber September 13, 2010 at 01:48 #

    She looks so much better with the jacket on, but the shoes need to go! They are the wrong shade of red. And the Preen trousers are just plain ugly, like she’s wearing an adult diaper under them with all of that extra floppy fabric.

  14. Thomas Monks September 13, 2010 at 00:54 #

    Blake looks so much like Cameron Diaz in the pic wearing the Chanel sort of creepy both California blonds

  15. egon September 13, 2010 at 00:20 #

    i really like whe you told us who does not have a stylish¡¡ it is good to know who have personality and make her own choices.bravo Blake¡¡

  16. maria September 13, 2010 at 00:16 #

    Just WOW! This is the best she has ever looked.

    With the jacket – so fashionable, without the jacket – out of this world sexy. Almost like a blonde Megan Fox – only better.

    She is ON FIRE!!

  17. Rebel September 12, 2010 at 22:25 #

    I love this look on her! Both of them as a matter of fact.

  18. Lisa September 12, 2010 at 22:23 #

    i definitely prefer the chanel look with the jacket… the proportions are much better

    and i agree that this is the best she’s looked in a while.. BDOTW contender imo

  19. Ben September 12, 2010 at 22:12 #

    Much prefer with the jacket, with her and helen, i think we have ouf first BDOTW contenders!

  20. miwa September 12, 2010 at 21:37 #

    Honestly I think it’s bulls*it that she doesn’t have a stylist. She obviously follows a certain formula and nowadays she often wears Chanel which coincidentally started with her hanging out with Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld. I think she has someone advising her on what to wear. Maybe she didn’t have a stylist before. You can see a difference between her outfits a year ago and today.

    • Lisa September 12, 2010 at 22:25 #

      i suspect that she’s getting help too.. her style has improved so much this year and she’s starting to dress more conservatively and fashion-forward lately.. i don’t think she’s doing it on her own.

      i hope she is tho, i love celebs that can put together their own outfits

  21. lukie September 12, 2010 at 21:23 #

    I really wish Blake had worn nude louboutin’s and done something with her hair for the premiere if she had it would have been the best she has ever looked!

  22. Hannah September 12, 2010 at 21:13 #

    Although I am not a huge Blakefan I can really appreciate how attentive she is (I can’t find the right word) she listens to waht peopel say (too sexy, she doesn’t deserve to have another vogue cover -which I agree with- etc) to improve upon herself, whilst maintaining her style, which I respect her for. I do not love either of these looks, but the chanel, with jacket, is a good, breath of fresh air, look.

  23. GirlOne September 12, 2010 at 20:40 #

    I think I’d prefer it with the jacket had she done her hair up.

  24. sonia September 12, 2010 at 20:28 #

    it’s a drees to be the sexiest in the party so..gorgeous without the jacket!

  25. mol September 12, 2010 at 20:27 #

    You are seriously on fire with your coverage F.C.! ås for Blake, I like this best with the jacket on, but the fact is she looks gorgeous either way. And the Preen looks great too, she seems to have upped the ante here, sexy but not so obviously, hope she keeps this up.

  26. Dorian Gray September 12, 2010 at 20:27 #

    I love this girl but, apart from this, she looks AMAZING heat to toe! I’d like to meet her in Milan, I hope she’ll attend Versace show.

    Did you like VB SS collection FC? I can’t decide.

    • Fashion Critic September 12, 2010 at 22:26 #

      not really.

      Found it really boring. Didn’t get past look 8

  27. E September 12, 2010 at 20:18 #

    She looks amazing with and without the jacket. But, I prefer with the jacket. It adds so much more to the look.

    P.S. I’ve also followed your blog for quite some time, but this is my first time commenting 🙂

    • Fashion Critic September 12, 2010 at 22:27 #

      thanks E 😀

      I don’t know which to put up for BDOTW, with or without the jacket

      • Thomas Monks September 13, 2010 at 00:52 #

        With i love it so much better with

      • Jackie September 13, 2010 at 06:33 #

        WITH THE JACKET! Looks good without but she looks amazing with!

  28. Tania September 12, 2010 at 20:07 #

    Prefer it with it balances out the bunch of roses on her hips!

  29. Henrique September 12, 2010 at 19:56 #

    I love both looks and I think the first one is really BDOTW worthy. I’m not a fan of matchy matchy but I really like her shoe choice

  30. sara September 12, 2010 at 19:54 #

    She looks so beautiful and elegant. Thanks for the hard work FC! Blake also wore dior at TIFF for The Town’s dinner.

    • Fashion Critic September 12, 2010 at 22:30 #

      yes I saw that, but it wasn’t a great pic unfortunately.

      I wish she stopped to pose

  31. M September 12, 2010 at 19:31 #

    Oh my!! She looks great… For someone with no stylist… She is on fire… My girl crush at the moment for taking risks… VB is my girl crush for sophisticated classic. Jus chanced upon her S/S 2011 collection… She gave something diff.. Loved it…
    Eother way.. these 2 girls are my favs…

  32. misstuesday September 12, 2010 at 19:30 #

    This is definitely one of my favourite looks on ANYONE, EVER. And I’m definitely not a fan of Blake’s style normally.

    This is seriously amazing.

    • maria September 13, 2010 at 00:23 #

      Agree 100 %. My thoughts exactly 🙂

  33. Jennesia September 12, 2010 at 19:25 #

    I definitely prefer it with the jacket it looks more proportioned, the second look is my fave though and with accompaniment of those loubous…beautiful.

  34. mm September 12, 2010 at 19:23 #

    The look with the jacket is way better! Still sexy but really rich! Like both looks

  35. Yaas September 12, 2010 at 19:20 #

    I like the dress itself, but I prefer with the jacket. Also the preen look is very chic and appropriate.

  36. Hersi September 12, 2010 at 19:19 #

    I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of Blake, but the Chanel ensemble blew me away. FC, I agree that with the jacket she looks more fashionable and more vogue. However, even without it, she looks radiant as ever. 🙂
    -PS. Thank you for doing soo much coverage of everything. I love your comments, and i check your website several times a day, even though I barely comment. xox

    • Fashion Critic September 12, 2010 at 19:22 #

      glad to here you are enjoying my blog 😀

      • alex September 12, 2010 at 21:56 #


  37. Barbara September 12, 2010 at 19:16 #

    she worn the dress as it was presented on afterparty
    and i think she looked amazing in both looks,with and without it,i really can´t decide which is better! 😉

    • Fashion Critic September 12, 2010 at 19:23 #

      thanks I think we found it at the same time 😀

  38. Rachie September 12, 2010 at 19:15 #

    WOW! I think the Chanel look is our first BDOTW contender!

    • mimi September 12, 2010 at 21:55 #

      I definitely agree.

  39. sara September 12, 2010 at 19:12 #

    i was waiting for you because i had seen her i’ve thought…PURE PERFECTION!
    Actually she has worn it as it was presented, with the jacket…and she used a chanel mini bag sooo cute.the rings are the perfect edgy touch!

  40. Stacey September 12, 2010 at 19:11 #

    She put on the top part of the dress for the afterparty… and you’re right, I greatly prefer it that way. Either way though, she is stunning.

  41. natalie September 12, 2010 at 19:10 #

    thank you so much for posting blake!! i love her in the chanel a lot more than the preen. actually she did wear the dress as originally presented then took it off. personally i think it looks better off, on her.

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