Chanel Soho Boutique Re-Opening – Blake Lively In Chanel Couture

Karl Lagerfeld threw a party in New York City last night to celebrate the re-opening of the Chanel Soho boutique.

Many stars donned their finest Chanel garbs for the event.

First up my girl Blake Lively.

Judging by this picture its clear Blake didn’t want anyone making comments on her famous assets.

Normally you are crying out for her to cover up both her legs and her boobs.

She heard you loud and clear.

I love that she’s showing us a different side to her in this striped sequined Chanel Fall 2010 Couture dress.

It’s totally unexpected. I would’ve thought she’d pick a Resort 2011 piece, as that collection appears made for the Californian actress.

My only problem with this look is the shoes…again.

Her ankle strap Louboutin’s are so clunky for this Couture dress.

With high necklines I usually prefer a pony, but Blake sports ponytails so often on the red carpet that I’m relieved she didn’t on this occasion.

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In Demi Lovato's Closet - Diane von Furstenberg Ellowyn Vest

In Demi Lovato’s Closet – Diane von Furstenberg Ellowyn Vest

Chanel Soho Boutique Re-Opening - Diane Kruger In Chanel

Chanel Soho Boutique Re-Opening – Diane Kruger In Chanel

  • Hannah

    The cuff looks like the one beyonce wore to the 2008 grammy awards, sans th eoutline of extra sparkle, if oyu see what I mean?

  • biskachoo

    I would’ve loved that dress better with a brunette and not orange.

    Leighton, I would’ve loved leighton in this.

  • bb

    what a mess

    the model looks 100 times better. she looks so lifeless.

    i will never understand why Anna is so crazy about this girl.

  • Jennifer

    Like, the effort and attempt of change is appreciated but it really didn’t work. I’m sure in her stylist’s head she was going to look as whimsical as the model, but she really really didn’t.

  • Hannah

    It ahs grown on me, I like the change, pose and lack of a pout, which I think looks ridiculous on blake, as sh ehas thin lips so pouting emphasizes that. I wish she realised howmany hair stylists there are in new york, and that couture rarely goes with a lightning bolt/zig-zag cuff. I would have prefered other shoes but the platform was necessary. I am pleasantly surprised.

  • anna

    didn’t like it at al!
    she can’t pull this look!
    i think she’s only good with the usual sexy style.

  • Laura

    Ehh I don’t like this look. Bright and sparkly can very easily look cheap and immature. And I’m not one who constantly fusses about Blake covering up. If you have a look that works for you, go with it. This looks like Blake’s trying to hard to be different and unexpected.

  • Lila H.

    Where is her neck?

  • moja31

    it’s hard to imagine this look being more ill fitting; wrong person, wrong proportions, and wrong accessories. i’m continually confused as to why people think she has such great style.

    • justme

      You and me both. She gets it right once in a blue moon which makes Anna Wintour’s obsession with her even more comical.

  • I’m sorry to say that but I think it looks way better on the model. Blake has a cute style but it seems to me like she didn’t really “understand” this dress and that makes her look slightly weird. ^_^

  • nicky

    definitely not a good look. even blake who herself is tall did not pull this look off. the length, colour, cut all made this look badd. even her hair is awful!

  • Anissa

    I see what she was going for but I don’t think it worked. Yes it did cover her gams and cleavage but the neckline is all wrong for her. Tyra would scold her soundly 😉

    She also takes a dress full of whimsy and makes it boring, and her bracelet kind of looks like a tattoo at first glance…

  • Sisi

    Er…….Her Marchesa dress was much better than this one. This dress makes her dull and lifeless, and she looks neckless. Her hairstyle and whole make-up were horrible. You could see skin color difference between hairline and the edgy of foundation color(too tan).

  • Moxie

    I love the boots the model is wearing, they go perfectly with the dress. But I know you aren’t fond of boots, FC.

    • Fashion Critic

      I think the models boots would’ve worked better

  • Kim

    I didn’t like any of this.

  • Joy

    Awful. It looks like the dress is chocking her. The make up looks caked. And the hair… Just awful overall.

  • mm

    If the hair wasnt a stringy mess, she could’ve gotten away with the hair being down.

  • mochababe73

    I like the dress better on the model.
    For Blake, it needs to be shorter. The length of the dress along with the shoes cuts her off.
    On top of everything else, she looks neckless.

  • Ju

    I usually prefer when she shows her legs.

    I don’t really mind the shoes, but I think she would have looked 100% better with her hair up.

  • Elena

    The dress is so beautiful on the model, but on Blake it’s just flat and liveless. Don’t like it. The pose doesn’t help either

  • Camille

    The shoes!!! FC what is up w/all these lovely ladies having so much trouble finding the right shoes for an outfit?? There are so many gorgeous shoe choices out there and they inevitably pick the clunkiest most inapproriate shoe they can find..ugh! And don’t even get me started on that hair. Hideous, it looks like mine when I roll out of bed in the a.m. And she has such gorgeous hair, no excuse for this limp lank mess. I actually like the dress, but it was sooo not styled to shine.

  • Lei

    uh oh.. this is not a good look

    Me no likey! :S

  • Anna

    I don’t like this AT ALL. Too long, the shoes are way too matchy-matchy, the hair (which usually looks so good – pony or not) just doesn’t work and she appears to have NO neck.

    + I seriously believe that some people (NO matter HOW gorgeous they are) can’t do couture. And she is one of those people. The dress is just LOST on her.

  • ullis


  • Julia

    I totally hate this look…. she looks like a witch with those colours in the way they were mixed.. purple and black… BLAH! It works better in the model. And as usual I hate her shoes….. And pleaaaase, she needs to learn how to pose… Close your mouth, BL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She tries so hard to be sexy.

    • E

      I agree! The trying so hard to be sexy does not work with this dress at all.

      • Sally

        At first I thought she was looking pained or feeling miserable. But, you’re right, it’s her ‘sexy’ face and body pose juxapositioned with a fun dress.

  • dag

    Love the dress, don’t mind those shoes but really hate her hair it looks like they need to be washed!

  • Marvel

    I dont mind so much the shoes, its the length thats bothering me. The ‘Go Fug Yourself’ girls will be having a field day with no ‘Boobsy Legsly’

  • jello

    I love the dress!!

    Can’t really see how the shoes look in the picture, but i think they look fine with the dress. I think this dress goes well with clunky footwear.

    Just wanted to say again though… I love this dress!

  • Vanessa

    I was so dissapointed with this look. Love the dress and that she covered up, but hate the hair and the shoes

  • Dorian Gray

    So beautiful, but I prefer her usual assets 🙂

  • june

    funnily enough, i actually think the dress is too long on her. it hits the model just below the knee, or something approximately there, and it seems to hang down even further on blake. with those shoes cutting her off at the ankle and the long dress, it makes blake look a lot shorter than she actually is.

    it should be knee length or just below (or even shorter – blake does have great legs).

  • Elle

    she should tie up her hair!!!

  • eimear

    Completely agree about the shoe choice! That pewter colour is way to similiar… and they look a bit officey. What shoe would you have put with this dress.. ?

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